By David Jones, CropNuts Broad Acre Agronomist In this Think Agronomy issue: Are you diagnosing Fall Armyworm correctly in Sorghum? The benefits of liming and why it remains the most cost effective in
Are You Missing Out On Liming?
12th February 2018
Most of us know fungicides by their brand names. But when you want to get scientific about farming, it’s important to understand a bit more about which ones to use in different crops, and why they s
Fungicides basics – working out what your crop needs
17th May 2017
Agrobacterium tumefaciens is a rod shaped gram negative motile bacteria that lives in the soil.  It has flagella that allow it to swim through moisture films in soil and on plants.  On its own its h
Agrobacterium - A Rose Grower’s Nightmare
7th June 2016
Israel. A tiny country. Mostly desert. Yet feeds the world. How? You have to see it to believe it 1. Yes this is a desert. Negev desert A rolling hills of Kibbutz Ruhama​ in the Negev Desert in sout
The Marvel Of Desert Agriculture In Israel
30th November 2017
By Anne Munene After wearing out our knees offering supplications for rains – they are finally here and then they are not. Even with floods that have brought loss of life and property, there is a br
Benefits of Early Planting in Arid & Semi Arid Lands (ASALs)
8th March 2018

Agronomy Newsletters

Setting Up For Top Yields In 2018 (Part 2): Soil Preparation & Planting

23rd March 2018/by Cropnuts
Pesticide Maximum Residue Levels

Recent Changes in EU Pesticide Maximum Residue Levels (MRLs)

16th March 2018/by Cropnuts

Setting Up For Top Yields In 2018 (Part 2): Deep Nitrogen Testing

16th March 2018/by Cropnuts
Think Agronomy

Setting Up For Top Yields In 2018: Soil Sampling

6th March 2018/by Cropnuts
Flower Industry Sustainability

Creating Sustainability In The Flower Industry (Part 2)

1st March 2018/by Cropnuts

Wheat Varieties: What Our Current Research Shows

27th February 2018/by Cropnuts

Creating Sustainability In The Flower Industry (Part 1)

20th February 2018/by Cropnuts
Agricultural Lime

Types of Lime And What To Look Out For

19th February 2018/by Cropnuts
Agricultural Lime

Are You Missing Out On Liming?

12th February 2018/by Cropnuts
Aphids Control

High Aphid Pressure Hits As Drought Takes Hold

24th January 2018/by Cropnuts

Fungicide & Fallow Management: 3 Tips For Planting in 2018

18th January 2018/by Cropnuts

How To Control Nematode Infestation

8th January 2018/by Cropnuts

Arable Farming Review of 2017; the year that will unlikely be forgotten…

19th December 2017/by Cropnuts

Concerns Grow over Fungicide Resistance in Net Blotch

14th December 2017/by Cropnuts

Change of Weather Brings New Disease and Fall Armyworm Threats

29th November 2017/by Cropnuts

Common Rose Plant Diseases & How To Prevent Them

23rd November 2017/by Cropnuts
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