THINK AGRONOMY By David Jones, CROPNUTS Independent Agronomist We all know soil compaction is bad and the limitations it causes to plant growth and crop yield. But how often do we ask specifically whi
Avoiding Soil Compaction - What Farm Machine Manufacturers Don't Tell You
2nd August 2017
By Oscar Adika   “To get a good production in farming, there are basics you cannot ignore in farming. One of them is irrigation water analysis..” – Paul Ndirangu Paul Ndirangu i
Nyumbani Karen Organic Farm: Starting With The Basics
27th April 2018
By Wanyaka Gituku It is said that ambition is the path to success and persistence is the vehicle that you arrive in. Lucy Thuo’s life has been about ambition and persistence. A trained teacher by pr
Lucy Thuo Success Story: Instead Of Giving Up, Try Again
23rd May 2018
By Ruth Vaughan Common rose plant diseases limit production and quality. The most common diseases are fungal diseases. For the disease-causing fungi to start growing you need a combination of factors
Common Rose Plant Diseases & How To Prevent Them
23rd November 2017
Deep in the heart of Nakuru county in Kenya, Ken Chemngorem is managing an impressive 20-acre modern farm. 14 dairy cows and 6 calves graze peacefully in the green terrain of the farm. For Ken, these
Ken Chemngorem: How I Improved My Milk Production With A Simple Soil Test
30th April 2018

Agronomy Newsletters

Soil health disaster mitigation

The Role Of Soil Health In Natural Disaster Mitigation

16th May 2018/by Cropnuts
Fall army worm scouting

Fall Armyworm – Separating The Performance Of Chemistry From Poor Application

14th May 2018/by Cropnuts
European Union neonicotinoids ban

EU Neonicotinoid Insecticide Ban: How Will It Affect Us?

7th May 2018/by Cropnuts
Fall Army Worm

What Effect Does Prolonged, Heavy Rain Have On Fall Armyworm?

30th April 2018/by Cropnuts

Agrobacterium – The Rose Grower’s Nightmare

25th April 2018/by Cropnuts
Maize farming

Early Season Maize Lethal Necrosis Disease (MLND) and Fall Armyworm Update

19th April 2018/by Cropnuts
Flower Farming Kenya Africa

Critical Issues in Plant Nutrition in Floriculture

13th April 2018/by Cropnuts

Setting Up For Top Yields In 2018 (Part 3): Top Dressing

3rd April 2018/by Cropnuts
Crop Pest diseases

The Influence of Plant Nutrition on Pests and Diseases

28th March 2018/by Cropnuts

Setting Up For Top Yields In 2018 (Part 2): Soil Preparation & Planting

23rd March 2018/by Cropnuts
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