By Anne Munene When Kenya’s President Uhuru was inaugurated for his second and final term on Nov 26th, those of us in Arid and Semi-Arid Lands (ASALs), were gratified when President painted the broa
Healthy Soils: Key to Unlocking the Grass Potential In Arid Lands
16th April 2018
By David Jones, CropNuts Broad Acre Agronomist This week I take a look at wheat varieties in anticipation of planting Our latest trials results highlight importance of Nitrogen and Sulphur in Canola R
Wheat Varieties: What Our Current Research Shows
27th February 2018
By Oscar Adika In the misty rolling landscape of Kinale in Kiambu County, lies two potato farms. One belongs to Ms. Mwihaki and right next is her’s – is her cousin’s Jane potato far
Mwihaki Ndung'u Success Story: It Always Starts With The Soil
11th May 2018
5th April 2017
By Evelyn Lusenaka The Tax Laws (Amendment) Act 2018 ought to be properly interrogated to avoid killing agriculture, the goose that lays the golden egg for the economy. It threatens food security and
OPINION: To Impose 16% VAT On Pesticides Is Baffling And Self-defeating
3rd September 2018

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Changes In EU Pesticide Maximum Residue Levels [June 2018 Update]

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