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6 Soil Care Tips For Successful Avocado Farming

By Ruth Vaughan, Msc. Applied Science Full of flavor, packing a high nutrient punch and neatly protected by its own skin, it is no wonder that the amazing avocado is gaining popularity as a healthy superfood.  The annual global demand is increasing at a faster rate than the annual global production resulting in higher prices […]

OPINION: Organic Farming Solution To Africa’s Food Security Situation?

Wednesday, 5th September On Monday we asked for your thoughts on the proposed 16% VAT Tax on pesticides. Increased tax on pesticide is a sure way of killing Agriculture, most people said. Some suggested maybe it’s time we learn to live without pesticides. Could this looming price hike of pesticides be a great opportunity to […]

OPINION: To Impose 16% VAT On Pesticides Is Baffling And Self-defeating

By Evelyn Lusenaka The Tax Laws (Amendment) Act 2018 ought to be properly interrogated to avoid killing agriculture, the goose that lays the golden egg for the economy. It threatens food security and jobs. The proposal to apply 16% VAT on Pesticides is baffling. It may yet come to haunt the nation through its deleterious […]

Conservation Agriculture: Benefits Of Leaving Crop Residue On Your Fields

By Jacopo Parigiani, Msc. Water & Land Management As defined by FAO, Conservation Agriculture (CA) aims to achieve sustainable and profitable agriculture and subsequently aims at improved livelihoods of farmers through the application of the three CA principles: minimal soil disturbance, permanent soil cover and crop rotations. Permanent soil cover can only be achieved if […]

The NCPB Maize Scandal: What’s The Way Forward?

By Agatha Ngotho, Cereal Growers Association The NCPB Maize Scandal in a single quote: “There are traders that just drive in lorries of maize to the depots and intimidate officers at the depots claiming they have a letter of authorization from the ministry of agriculture.” Traders Vs Farmers A maize farmer from the North Rift who […]

OPINION: The Food We Eat Should Inspire Joy, Not Fear

By Jonathan Bardzik Food brings joy. Although lately it feels like food also brings a lot of fear and confusion. What should and shouldn’t we eat? There are seemingly endless new rules and opinions about what will make you healthy and what will kill you. Eat this. Don’t eat that! I’m making it my mission […]

Hugo Wood: How I Rose From a Ksh. 25 Million Wheat Loss

By Julius Sigei, Daily Nation In Part one of this series, we skimmed through the incredible 40 -year farming career of Mr. Hugo Wood. What is worth noting is that in 1984, Mr Wood faced an unexpected severe drought  which threatened his young hopes of becoming the legendary farmer that he is today. How did […]

Roseto Flowers Invest In Ultra Modern Irrigation Water Management System

FLOWER INDUSTRY NEWS 17th August 2018 In the flower farming industry, high sodium levels in water has been a menace to most growers. Common irrigation water management systems such as Reverse Osmosis (RO) have come in handy to most flower growers. Most farms have invested in RO but Roseto Flowers in Rongai, Nakuru County has […]