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Hugo Wood: How I Rose From a Ksh. 25 Million Wheat Loss

By Julius Sigei, Daily Nation In Part one of this series, we skimmed through the incredible 40 -year farming career of Mr. Hugo Wood. What is worth noting is that in 1984, Mr Wood faced an unexpected severe drought  which threatened his young hopes of becoming the legendary farmer that he is today. How did […]

Roseto Flowers Invest In Ultra Modern Irrigation Water Management System

FLOWER INDUSTRY NEWS 17th August 2018 In the flower farming industry, high sodium levels in water has been a menace to most growers. Common irrigation water management systems such as Reverse Osmosis (RO) have come in handy to most flower growers. Most farms have invested in RO but Roseto Flowers in Rongai, Nakuru County has […]

Hugo Wood: My 40-Year Journey In Large scale Farming

FEATURE STORY Driving through Narok county in the month of June guarantees beautiful sceneries thanks to the massive trackfields of wheat whose sight comes close to a beautiful green Persian carpet. Narok is the hub of wheat growing in Kenya. If you enjoy bread, cake or cereal for breakfast, then you have a lot of […]

The Big Fall Armyworm Experiment: We Have The Results

By David Jones, Broad Acre Agronomist, MSc. Agriculture 10th August 2018 Earlier in the year in #ThinkAgronomy I presented the results from a study of Fall Armyworm that I undertook, examining the effectiveness of different insecticides. One of the major challenges I found last year was how to obtain reliable and meaningful results from a […]

Solai Dam Tragedy: What Causes Earthen Dams Embankment To Fail?

Solai dam recently burst amid heavy rains leading to loss of lives, others nursing serious injuries as well as destroying property worth of millions. In another incidence, a dam used to irrigate flower in Limuru broke down its embankment discharging water downstream to the valley of river Karura stretching 3 kilometres. This leads to the […]

Top Tips To Help You Design A Suitable Fertigation System

By Ruth Vaughan, Msc. Applied Science Fertigation is the application of fertilizer together with the irrigation water.  The most common form of fertigation in Kenya is via drip irrigation.  Fertigation provides precise nutrition, application flexibility, minimized loses & environmental protection. Fertigation Benefits The benefits of drip fertigation to plants are that nutrients are applied directly […]

Meru Farmer Doubles His Onion Yield With Daktari Wa Udongo

By Oscar “To be a successful farmer one must first know the nature of the soil.” – Xenophon, Oeconomicus, 400 B.C. James Mbogo is a farmer at heart. For 7 seven years now he’s been tilling his one acre farm at Ngare Ndare in Meru County. Onions is his favorite crop. And for a while now he’s […]