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Lucy Thuo Success Story: Instead Of Giving Up, Try Again

By Wanyaka Gituku It is said that ambition is the path to success and persistence is the vehicle that you arrive in. Lucy Thuo’s life has been about ambition and persistence. A trained teacher by profession and a graduate from the University of Nairobi, she was employed for less than two years. Ambition and love […]

The Untold Story Of Why Maai Mahiu – Suswa Area Is Cracking & Flooding

By Dr. Charles Gachene, BSC, MSc, University of Nairobi, PhD in Soil Science Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences Mother Nature is on a very serious revenge mission in this country, as recent events indicate. Before discussing the events that took place in Suswa, let’s first revisit a few fundamental facts. The increasing degradation of ecosystems and […]

The Role Of Soil Health In Natural Disaster Mitigation

By Ruth Vaughan You may think that the common factor between drought and flood in many places in Kenya is water, especially lately. Other than the lack or abundance of rain, the major reason for droughts and floods is the soil’s health status and its inability to absorb, store and release water. Soil is the […]

CropNuts and AGI’s Yargus Division Enter Soil Testing Services Agreement

AGI’s Yargus manufacturing division has announced that it has reached an agreement with Crop Nutrition Laboratory Services Ltd (Cropnuts) to provide soil and analytical laboratory equipment and services in conjunction with the Yargus blending equipment for improved fertilizer blend recommendations. Jeff Ivan, Managing Director International Sales, said: “AGI is pleased to be working with the […]

Mwihaki Ndung’u Success Story: It Always Starts With The Soil

By Oscar Adika In the misty rolling landscape of Kinale in Kiambu County, lies two potato farms. One belongs to Ms. Mwihaki and right next is her’s – is her cousin’s Jane potato farm. Potato is a common crop in Kinale and Mwihaki has grown up seeing her parents farm all manner of crops including potatoes. […]

Crescent Joya: My Maize Lethal Necrosis Disease Story

Maize farmers dread it Understandably so, because it causes total crop failure And it has no cure.. The only way to handle it is to prevent it. What are we talking about? Maize Lethal Necrosis Disease aka MLND. A lethal viral maize disease Luckily, we can learn from farmers who’ve experienced MLND What does MLND […]

Larrson Chebii: My Journey As A Daktari wa Udongo Agronomist

By Larrson Chebii I started this journey as Daktari wa Udongo in the North Rift region in 2014. This was a totally new service to this region. Not many knew about Daktari wa Udongo services or what it was at all about. To be honest I myself didn’t really know much about it. This I […]