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THINK AGRONOMY: Improving Pollination In Seed Maize

By David Jones, Broad Acre Agronomist, Msc. Agriculture Maximizing yield in commercial maize is tricky enough, but for seed maize there is the added complication of ensuring the female plants are adequately fertilised by the weak and variable male rows. With the best intentions, inbreed male lines are fickle and without the heterosis effect of […]

12 Tips On Building Healthy Soil In Greenhouses

By Ruth Vaughan, CropNuts Technical Director, Msc. Applied Science When you grow plants out in the open field, your soil has time to rest and regenerate. Not so in the greenhouse, where the climate is much hotter and the soil and plants are working hard all year round. Soil temperatures are higher and you need […]

Nematodes: Our Silent Nemesis?

By Ruth Vaughan, Technical Director at CropNuts, Msc. Applied Science Nemesis – the inescapable agent of someone’s or something’s downfall.  Synonymous with downfall, ruin, ruination, undoing, destruction Nematodes are microscopic, non-segmented, round worms that come under the Phylum Nematoda.  They are very diverse and live in organisms, plants, soils and water (terrestrial and aquatic).  100 […]

Sadique Babu: Why I Left My Office Career For The Farm

By Wanyaka Gituku Swanky offices, executive boardrooms, luxury cars on urban roads, freshly pressed suits and all other trappings of a successful career in the conventional corporate world is what Sadique Babuh traded for a simple life on the farm. We meet 24 year old Babuh on his parents’ expansive 700 acre farm in Endebes […]

Maize Nutrition: Feeding The Crop In A Difficult Season

By David Jones, Broadacre Agronomist, Msc. Agriculture Understanding the key growth stages of Maize is crucial to getting nutrients applied at the correct timing. As many crop reach top dressing timing, we look at the main requirements of the crop. In some countries where equipment and application techniques are not developed or available, all of […]

Daktari wa Udongo: Why We Care About The Smallscale Farmer

By Ian Mutua Who Is Daktari wa Udongo? We are a team of passionate soil doctors who have made it our mission to transform the lives of rural farmers in the remotest of areas throughout Kenya. We are committed to giving that farmer the best of relevant advice that we can offer to him/her with […]