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Crescent Joya: My Maize Lethal Necrosis Disease Story

Maize farmers dread it Understandably so, because it causes total crop failure And it has no cure.. The only way to handle it is to prevent it. What are we talking about? Maize Lethal Necrosis Disease aka MLND. A lethal viral maize disease Luckily, we can learn from farmers who’ve experienced MLND What does MLND […]

Larrson Chebii: My Journey As A Daktari wa Udongo Agronomist

By Larrson Chebii I started this journey as Daktari wa Udongo in the North Rift region in 2014. This was a totally new service to this region. Not many knew about Daktari wa Udongo services or what it was at all about. To be honest I myself didn’t really know much about it. This I […]

Wamagata Ng’ang’a: Why More Fertilizer Isn’t Always Better

By Oscar Adika   “More isn’t better. It’s just more. And if directed at the wrong things, it’s actually worse.” – anonymous Tucked in the middle of ever bustling and busy Kinoo area, lies a 3 acre farm. 2 small greenhouses, a cow/goat/chicken/rabbit shed and a home are all squeezed in the little space compound. […]

Nyumbani Karen Organic Farm: Starting With The Basics

By Oscar Adika   “To get a good production in farming, there are basics you cannot ignore in farming. One of them is irrigation water analysis..” – Paul Ndirangu Paul Ndirangu is the Farm Manager at Nyumbani Children’s Home. Paul has recently been charged with managing Nyumbani’s Karen Organic Farm – which farms organic produce […]

Makongi Farm Success Story: Succeeding Against All Odds

By Wanyaka Gituku Despite the drought & fall army worm challenge in 2017, Tim – a maize farmer and Owner of Makongi Farm in Eldoret – harvested his maize and he has every reason to smile.. In Eldoret county lies an expansive farm located between Cherengany hills and Mt Elgon. The farm known as Makongi […]

Kibera Man Grabs A Flower Exporting Opportunity To Eke A Living

When Talib Ibrahim from Makina, Kibera travelled to Egypt to pursue further studies in Nautical Technology at the Maritime Academy, he had no prior knowledge of what was to befall him which later became a game changer in his life.. At the university, an opportunity for exporting flowers from Kenya to Egypt came forth and […]

Agrobacterium – The Rose Grower’s Nightmare

Agrobacterium tumefaciens is a rod shaped gram negative motile bacteria that lives in the soil.  It has flagella that allow it to swim through moisture films in soil and on plants.  On its own its harmless, but when combined with the Ti plasmid it’s a nightmare, and causes large ugly cankers called crown galls, and […]