We carry out plant disease diagnostics for commercial growers and small holder farmers. Rapid and accurate diagnosis of disease is always necessary before proper control measures can be suggested. Practical and experienced recommendations are given with each report.

These services include investigations of plants, leaves, roots, soils, water and substrates for routine crop disease diagnosis, including common fungi and bacteria, such as leaf spots, root rot diseases, cankers and wilt diseases.

Our services give you the information you need to make the right decisions, ensuring you apply the correct product, quickly and effectively. Our services save you money.

We also provide virus detection using rapid field test diagnostic kits from Bioreba - for more information follow: Crop Disease Diagnostic Kits


Code Analysis Name Description Days
CNPATH-PL-1/5/9/12/15 Complete Pathogen Screen Bacteria & Fungi (excl. Bacterial Wilt) in soil, plant, compost, media & water 10
CNPATH-PL-1/5/9/12/17 Bacterial Wilt Test Bacterial Wilt (Ralstonia) in soil, compost, media & water 10