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Cropwatch is the continuous satellite imagery crop monitoring solution. For 12 months of the year we will scan your farm using satellite imagery and we will be uploading imagery directly into the CPF Toolbox, as well as emailed directly to your Smartphone or tablet, for opening in Google Earth. Cropwatch is the first and only variable nitrogen service to combine soil type and satellite images for a truly accurate result.

Satellite imagery is processed as ground cover or Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI): 30m resolution images pan sharpened down 15m resolution showing vigour of crop (crop leaf area & greenness). Nitrogen application maps can be processed by the click of a button using the satellite imagery in the CPF toolbox. We will be using this imagery to create unlimited variable nitrogen application plans: save fertiliser and grow more even crops. 


Imagery can also be used as a crop health-checker and has been used to monitor pest damage, crop establishment, weed emergence and areas of poor nutrient availability. Through the use of imagery, we can identify any problems within the crops from when and where they originate, giving you the time to limit and prevent further damages. 

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