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The CPF toolbox is our web based precision farming software. The CPF toolbox integrates all precision farming data (yield maps, satellite imagery, soil zones, soil analysis results, etc) allowing a single point interaction for all of the farmers requirements. The system has been developed alongside leading farmers, advisors and agri-businesses making it a revolutionary tool allowing farmers and agronomist to achieve all their precision farming goals. It allows for unlimited number of users (agronomists, directors, etc) to access, share and discuss the information online, from anywhere in the world.

The web based farm management software allowing access to multiple users.It enables: 


  • Crop planning
  • Nutrient Management Plan per crop per zone
  • Lime and Fertilizer recommendations
  • Spray programs
  • Customizable rule sets
  • Data storage
  • Crop health monitoring

Satellite imagery and yield data can also be viewed on the Toolbox; ensuring you get the most from your precision farming data. GPS files produced on the Toolbox are compatible with all major machinery manufacturers and can be adjusted on the move. 

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Maps can be downloaded in Google Earth format and uploaded onto tablets or phones giving the great advantage to access the maps on the field and target field visits based on problem zones.

We will be constantly giving you back up on the use of the CPF Toolbox through our dedicated support network, offering the necessary training and advice to help deliver success on your farm. By viewing the same data and maps online, we can deliver better agronomy support and recommendations to our clients.


DOWNLOAD CPF TOOLBOX - Only works upon signing up to our full precision farming package

DOWNLOAD LATEST JAVA  - In order for the software to work, click the link to download the latest version.