Planning your land use properly is an essential part of the success of your farm and can prevent making costly mistakes. Soils may vary considerably within a field and each variation has different land use potentials. Reading the soils in your fields is key for knowing what they can sustain, whether it is a field of maize or a house.

Our expert team of soil scientists will assess your fields and produce a map delineating the different soil types in your field. Our expertise and technology will allow us to take targeted soil samples, hence reducing the total number of soil samples that would otherwise be required when doing grid sampling.

We will then select strategic spots to dig soil pits in the area.

We will then send soil samples to our labs which will enable us to characterize all your soil types in terms of chemical, physical and biological characteristics. Each soil type will come with its profile description and with expert advice on their limitations and the crops it can sustain.

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soil suitability survey diagram