Our lab analysis determines the amount of available nitrogen in your soils and we give you calculated nitrogen fertilizer recommendation based on the results.


Code Analysis Name Description Days
CNSA031 Basic Soil Analysis pH, EC, %OM, %N, P, K, Mg, Ca with Basic Recommendations 7
CNSA022 Complete Soil Analysis pH, EC, %OM, %N, P, K, Ca, Mg, Na, S, Fe, Mn, Cu, B, Zn, CEC, Ca:Mg ratio, %Ca, %Mg, %K, %Na, %OB, %H with Full Recommendations 7
CNSA104 Available Soil Nitrogen Available Soil Nitrogen kg/Ha (Top soil + Sub soil) 7
CNSA040 Soil Life Test Soil Biota Respiration Test (indicator of soil health) 7
CNSA090 Exchangeable Acidity (Hp) Hp 7
CNSA050 Soil Texture Analysis % Sand, % Silt, % Clay (Texture Class) 10
CNSA091 Heavy Metals As, B, Cd, Co, Cr, Cu, Hg, Pb, Ni, Se, Zn 10