Our Soil Health Care Program is a complete service package for growers who want to sustain farms profits, through building and maintaining high levels of soil fertility in each of their fields.

The service includes:

  • On farm per field sampling by our technician before each crop
  • Full Soil Health Audit and Soil Fertility Analysis in our Laboratory
  • Detailed lab report including full Soil Fertility Correction and Fertilizer Recommendations
  • Farm visit every 6 months by our Soil Health Advisors to monitor the program and advise on additional soil health practices such as crop rotations and green manure crops


Code Analysis Name Description Days
CNSA031 Basic Soil Analysis

pH, EC, %OM, %N, P, K, Mg, Ca with Basic Recommendations

CNSA022 Complete Soil Analysis pH, EC, %OM, %N, P, K, Ca, Mg, Na, S, Fe, Mn, Cu, B, Zn, CEC, Ca:Mg ratio, %Ca, %Mg, %K, %Na, %OB, %H with Full Recommendations 7
CNSA104 Available Soil Nitrogen Available Soil Nitrogen kg/Ha (Top soil + Sub soil) 7
CNSA040 Soil Life Test Soil Biota Respiration Test (indicator of soil health) 7
CNSA090 Exchangeable Acidity (Hp) Hp 7
CNSA050 Soil Texture Analysis % Sand, % Silt, % Clay (Texture Class) 10
CNSA091 Heavy Metals As, B, Cd, Co, Cr, Cu, Hg, Pb, Ni, Se, Zn 10