"Over the last seven years we have nearly managed to double our arable yields. This would not have been possible without our close relationship with Crop Nutrition Laboratory Services. Their continual work, information and recommendations have been integral to what we have been able to achieve."

- Arable Farming.

"Crop Nutrition Lab Services has helped us to improve our soil health through careful management of soil nutrients and soil biology. They carry out soil testing and advise us on fertilizer programs, soil conditioning, compost and organic biological amendments. The healthy condition of our soils allows us to grow top quality roses with significantly low fertilizer costs."

- Rose Farm

"TechnoServe commissioned Crop Nutrition Laboratory Services (CNLS) in 2011 to carry out a comprehensive soil mapping of smallholder coffee farmers in Rwanda as part of TechnoServe™ Coffee Initiative. The purpose of the study was to determine the soil corrective strategy and fertilizer blends that would be most effective in increasing coffee yield and quality. CNLS generated lime and fertilizer recommendation maps that have been adopted by the Rwandan government as the national coffee industry recommendations. Nearly 30,000 farmers have receiv ed activity based training on these soil management recommendations and other Good Agricultural Practices that have resulted in average coffee farm yield increases of 60%. The CNLS soil mapping service has since been replicated in three other East African countries.

The foundation of our farm yield is directly related to soil health and fertility. This is very apparent in our area of Southern Tanzania with its leached soils and years of farming soils without adequate nutrient replenishment. With Crop Nutrition's guidance we have been able to improve crops beyond what was thought possible – a threefold increase over 4 years (our maize yields have risen from 3t/Ha to 9.5t/Ha over the 4 years) with another 25% increase still to come as we are able to fine tune the work with exciting Precision Farming methods that CNLS are now supporting."

- TechnoServe, Rwanda.