Dairy Cow Milk Production

Ken Chemngorem: How I Improved My Milk Production With A Simple Soil Test

Deep in the heart of Nakuru county in Kenya, Ken Chemngorem is managing an impressive 20-acre modern farm. 14 dairy cows and 6 calves graze peacefully in the green terrain of the farm. For Ken, these cows mean a lot since they provide upto around…
Agricultural Lime

Types of Lime And What To Look Out For

By David Jones, CropNuts Broad Acre Agronomist Last week we looked at the importance of liming and the returns it generates by maximising the efficiency with which nutrients can be used by the crop and improving the root environment for the…
Agricultural Lime

Are You Missing Out On Liming?

By David Jones, CropNuts Broad Acre Agronomist In this Think Agronomy issue: Are you diagnosing Fall Armyworm correctly in Sorghum? The benefits of liming and why it remains the most cost effective input Getting The Basics…