Yield mapping is the collection of geo-referenced crop yield data as the crop is being harvested. This is essential data which can be used to improve the efficiency of farming. A yield map allows the grower to identify yield variation across his farm. Soil samples can be targeted in the low yielding areas in order to identify, assess and correct soil fertility issues.

It is important to collect yield data every year, as this will allow assessing the temporal variation of the yield variation within the field, an essential step in defining production areas within the field. We offer yield map processing services. We will take your yield data, clean it from erroneous values, process it and upload it and store it onto our web portal which you can accessed from the comfort of your home. We will be using your yield data to identify the yield limiting factors and provide you with the support for their improvement.

Yield Mapping

The yield history over a farm can be used to generate variable rate application maps based on the potential of the different areas of the fields within the farm: constantly low yielding areas will not need the same rates of inputs as constantly high yielding areas.