By David Jones, CropNuts Broad Acre Agronomist In Part 2 of the series ‘Setting Up For Top Yields in 2018 we take a look at Deep Nitrogen Testing, seed bed preparations and some thoughts on Dry
Setting Up For Top Yields In 2018 (Part 2): Deep Nitrogen Testing
16th March 2018
By Ruth Vaughan In intensive horticulture, soil borne diseases cause yield and quality loss, and if left unchecked can result in complete project failure, as we have seen happen many times. All soils,
Curbing Horticulture Soil-Borne Diseases
24th May 2017
We often talk about the importance of healthy plants in reducing pests and diseases, but how often do we actually see the visual benefits? Reducing fungicide use is important not just for Integrated C
Crop Health And Balanced Nutrition Shows The Way To Higher Yields
25th January 2019
French beans, also known as snap or green beans, and locally in Kenya as mishiri, are a major export crop. Interest in french beans farming is fast-growing for both fresh consumption and processing (m
French Beans Farming Guide
18th July 2019
In this Think Agronomy issue: Are you diagnosing Fall Armyworm correctly in Sorghum? The benefits of liming and why it remains the most cost effective input Getting The Basics Right The importance of
Are You Missing Out On Liming?
12th February 2018

Agronomy Newsletters

What Makes A Great Seeder?

29th October 2019/by Cropnuts
Plant viruses tomato mosaic virus

An Introduction To Plant Viruses

23rd October 2019/by Cropnuts
farm planning and budgeting

Crop Costings To Make Better Cropping Decisions

14th October 2019/by Cropnuts
Maximum Residue Limits mrls

Changes In EU Pesticide Maximum Residue Levels [October 2019 Update]

9th October 2019/by Cropnuts

Importance Of Changing Crop Planting Date

25th September 2019/by Cropnuts

Keeping Powdery Mildew out of Peas

9th September 2019/by Cropnuts
fertilizer spreader machine

Choosing A Fertilizer Spreader For Topdressing

15th August 2019/by Cropnuts
Amistar top maize fungicides Kenya

Maize Fungicide Spray Recommendations

15th August 2019/by Cropnuts

Common Potato Pests And Diseases

5th August 2019/by Cropnuts
Fusarium head blight fungicide timing

High Risk Of Fusarium Head Blight in Wheat this Season

17th July 2019/by Cropnuts

Think Agronomy: Your Farming Questions Answered

10th July 2019/by Cropnuts
cereals event 2019

Exciting Agronomy Insights From The UK Cereals Event 2019

26th June 2019/by Cropnuts
Fall army worm (FAW)

The Disastrously Destructive Fall Army Worm (FAW)

18th June 2019/by Cropnuts
Plant growth regulator

Use of Growth Regulators To Reduce Lodging In Cereals

11th June 2019/by Cropnuts
Pesticide Residue

Changes in EU Legislation On Pesticide Residues [July 2019 Update]

31st May 2019/by Cropnuts

Herbicide Imazethapyr For Legumes, Beans, Lentils & Peas

28th May 2019/by Cropnuts

Dealing With Rising Fall Armyworm Threat, Precision Farming Challenges & Late Planted Wheat

15th May 2019/by Cropnuts

Understanding Boron Deficiency In Crops

9th May 2019/by Cropnuts

What Is The Best Way To Apply Sulphur?

30th April 2019/by Cropnuts

Recent Changes In EU Maximum Residue Levels [April 2019 Update]

9th April 2019/by Cropnuts
Fall army worm (FAW)

Fall Army Worm Update, Maize Planting Tips & Copper Deficiency In Wheat/Barley

8th April 2019/by Cropnuts
arable farming lessons from zambia

Arable Farming Lessons From Zambia

26th March 2019/by Cropnuts
hybrid maize varieties list in Kenya Africa

Maize Variety List for 2019

6th March 2019/by Cropnuts
molybdenum deficiency in plants

Molybdenum Role in Healthy Crop Production

4th March 2019/by Cropnuts

Comparing Original Vs Generic Pesticide Performance

1st March 2019/by Cropnuts
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