This week I take a look at wheat varieties in Kenya in anticipation of planting. Also we got latest trials results highlighting importance of Nitrogen and Sulphur in Canola Let’s start with the
Wheat Varieties: What Our Current Research Shows
27th February 2018
The European Union is constantly revising its Pesticide Maximum Residue Levels (MRLs) to determine the maximum allowable crop pesticide residue in food. Pesticide Maximum Residue Levels (MRLs) A numbe
Changes in EU Pesticide Maximum Residue Levels [October 2018 Update]
24th October 2018
By David Jones, Broad Acre Agronomist, Msc. Agriculture A couple of months ago I looked at the gross margins of different crops in order to understand their profitability. We all know of course that t
Sunflowers - Worth A Closer Look?
25th September 2018
The European Commission recently imposed a neonicotinoid ban on three of the most widely applied insecticides due to the risk they pose to bees and other pollinators. The April ban on thiamethoxam, im
EU Neonicotinoid Ban A Major Win For Bees & The Environment
6th August 2018
Precision Agriculture (PA) or Precision Farming is a modern approach to farming which uses Information Technology (IT) tools to ensure crops and the soil receive exactly what they need for optimum hea
George Kili's Story Perfectly Demystifies Precision Agriculture
15th March 2019

Agronomy Newsletters

Plant growth regulator

Use of Growth Regulators To Reduce Lodging In Cereals

11th June 2019/by Cropnuts
Pesticide Residue

Changes in EU Legislation On Pesticide Residues [July 2019 Update]

31st May 2019/by Cropnuts

New Herbicide Fills Important Gaps for Pulse Growers

28th May 2019/by Cropnuts

Dealing With Rising Fall Armyworm Threat, Precision Farming Challenges & Late Planted Wheat

15th May 2019/by Cropnuts

Understanding Boron Deficiency In Crops

9th May 2019/by Cropnuts

What Is The Best Way To Apply Sulphur?

30th April 2019/by Cropnuts

Recent Changes In EU Maximum Residue Levels [April 2019 Update]

9th April 2019/by Cropnuts
Fall army worm (FAW)

Fall Army Worm Update, Maize Planting Tips & Copper Deficiency In Wheat/Barley

8th April 2019/by Cropnuts
arable farming lessons from zambia

Arable Farming Lessons From Zambia

26th March 2019/by Cropnuts
maize varieties

Highland Maize Varieties for 2019

6th March 2019/by Cropnuts

Role of Molybdenum in Healthy Crop Production

4th March 2019/by Cropnuts

Comparing Original Vs Generic Pesticide Performance

1st March 2019/by Cropnuts

Using Sunflowers To Reduce Brome Grass in Wheat

28th February 2019/by Cropnuts

T3 Fungicide Spray Tips For Battling Fusarium In Wheat

27th February 2019/by Cropnuts

The Importance Of Cereal Seed Treatments

22nd February 2019/by Cropnuts

Genetically Modified Maize – The Answer To Our Fall Armyworm Prayers?

7th February 2019/by Cropnuts

Effective Aphid Control Depends On The Aphid Species

1st February 2019/by Cropnuts

Crop Health And Balanced Nutrition Shows The Way To Higher Yields

25th January 2019/by Cropnuts

10 Practical Agronomy Tips From The Association of Independent Crop Consultants (AICC) Annual Conference

17th January 2019/by Cropnuts

Starter Guide To Profitable Potato Farming

9th January 2019/by Cropnuts

Barley Farming In Kenya: How We Achieved Massive 11.84 ton/ha Yield

8th January 2019/by Cropnuts
Kenya maize production

Think Agronomy: Review Of The Year 2018

19th December 2018/by Cropnuts

Think Agronomy: Maximizing The Performance of Urea Fertilizer

7th December 2018/by Cropnuts

Think Agronomy: Does Row Spacing Affect Cereal Yield?

30th November 2018/by Cropnuts

Why Soil Organic Matter Is So Important

16th November 2018/by Cropnuts
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