By Dominic Omondi In 2017, Sh150 billion worth of food went to waste, tossed out or left to rot, a report that tries to track food waste has said. According to the National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS)
Wasted Labour: Kenya Farmers Lose Over Sh150 Billion In Post-Harvest Losses
18th May 2018
Ruth Vaughan, Technical Director, CropNuts There is increasing pressure on us to grow healthy flowers, fruit and vegetables with less and less chemical pesticides.  The export markets we supply to ch
The Influence of Plant Nutrition on Pests and Diseases
28th March 2018
By David Jones, CropNuts BroadAcre Agronomist Having toured several farms in the North Rift, Nakuru and Naivasha lately, it is apparent that Maize Lethal Necrosis Disease (MLND) is still alive and kic
Early Season Maize Lethal Necrosis Disease (MLND) and Fall Armyworm Update
19th April 2018
By Dr. Charles Gachene, BSC, MSc, University of Nairobi, PhD in Soil Science Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences Mother Nature is on a very serious revenge mission in this country, as recent
The Untold Story Of Why Maai Mahiu - Suswa Area Is Cracking & Flooding
22nd May 2018
By Ian Mutua Who Is Daktari wa Udongo? We are a team of passionate soil doctors who have made it our mission to transform the lives of rural farmers in the remotest of areas throughout Kenya. We are c
Daktari wa Udongo: Why We Care About The Smallscale Farmer
29th May 2018

Agronomy Newsletters

soil organic matter

Why Soil Organic Matter Is So Important

16th November 2018/by Cropnuts
KWS Aliciana barley variety

Think Agronomy: New KWS Aliciana Barley Variety Launched

14th November 2018/by Cropnuts
Calcium Nitrate Fertilizer Alternatives

Part 2 Of The Calcium Chronicles – Calcium Nitrate Alternatives

9th November 2018/by Cropnuts

Think Agronomy: Choosing The Right Canola Variety

8th November 2018/by Cropnuts
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Think Agronomy: Broad-Leaved Herbicide Options For Cereals

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Calcium Is The King Nutrient & Calcium Nitrate The Sovereign Fertilizer

5th November 2018/by Cropnuts
Russian wheat aphid

Russian Wheat Aphid Alert In Wheat & Barley

29th October 2018/by Cropnuts
Soil compaction by machinery

Controlled Traffic Farming Part 3 – How To Make CTF Work On Your Farm.

19th October 2018/by Cropnuts
Controlled traffic farming kenya

Controlled Traffic Farming Part 2: If It Works, Why Isn’t Everyone Doing It?

11th October 2018/by Cropnuts

7 Big Ways Controlled Traffic Farming System Boosts Your Crop Yield

3rd October 2018/by Cropnuts

Sunflowers – Worth A Closer Look?

25th September 2018/by Cropnuts
nodulation in legumes

Improving Nodulation In Legumes

25th September 2018/by Cropnuts
Avocado farming

6 Soil Care Tips For Successful Avocado Farming

6th September 2018/by Cropnuts
Small Grain Seeders

Our Latest Reviews On 14 Popular Small Grain Seeders

4th September 2018/by Cropnuts

Dealing With Fall Army Worm, Copper Deficiency & Stem Rust In Cereal Crops

15th August 2018/by Cropnuts
Fall armyworm pesticide

The Big Fall Armyworm Experiment: We Have The Results

10th August 2018/by Cropnuts
Green house fertigation system

Top Tips To Help You Design A Suitable Fertigation System

8th August 2018/by Cropnuts
Disease In Barley

Key Facts To Help You Combat Disease In Barley

3rd August 2018/by Cropnuts
Bee pollinators

Pesticides, Pollinators and the Potential for Change

31st July 2018/by Cropnuts
Seed maize

THINK AGRONOMY: Improving Pollination In Seed Maize

5th July 2018/by Cropnuts

12 Tips On Building Healthy Soil In Greenhouses

4th July 2018/by Cropnuts
nematode silent nemesis

Nematodes: Our Silent Nemesis?

25th June 2018/by Cropnuts
Crop rotation

#THINK AGRONOMY: Planning for Profitable Crop Rotation

19th June 2018/by Cropnuts
Pesticide Maximum Residue Levels MRL

Changes In EU Pesticide Maximum Residue Levels [June 2018 Update]

12th June 2018/by Cropnuts
EU Bee harming pesticides

What Effect Are Our Fall Armyworm Control Measures Having on Other Species?

11th June 2018/by Cropnuts
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