Kenya is indeed a magical place Explore the beauty 1. This is Timau in Meru County. Unbelievable! Kenya is beautiful. Exhibit 006 : Canola plantation in Timau.#TembeaKenya #MagicalKenya #IG_Africa #Ke
9 Tweets That Prove Kenya's So Beautiful
23rd November 2017
Potatoes business is about to change for the better. Potatoes will be sold in kilogrammes come July 1, if farmers give a nod to the government’s legislation proposal outlawing use of buckets and sac
Potatoes Business To Be Priced In Kilos To Boost Farmer Income
28th May 2018
By David Jones, Broad Acre Agronomist 2017 has certainly been a testing year; the arrival of Fall Armyworm, delayed rains and stressed crops, and volatile grain prices all made for a challenging 12 mo
Arable Farming Review of 2017; the year that will unlikely be forgotten…
19th December 2017
By Wanyaka Gituku Despite the drought & fall army worm challenge in 2017, Tim – a maize farmer and Owner of Makongi Farm in Eldoret – harvested his maize and he has every reason to smi
Makongi Farm Success Story: Succeeding Against All Odds
26th April 2018
The massive fault line that dipped in Maai Mahiu Suswa area was a cause of natural geological processes or did human activity have a hand in it? Dr. Charles Gachene, PhD, weighs in on this question..
The Untold Story Of Why Maai Mahiu - Suswa Area Is Cracking & Flooding
22nd May 2018

Agronomy Newsletters

maize varieties

Highland Maize Varieties for 2019

6th March 2019/by Cropnuts

Role of Molybdenum in Healthy Crop Production

4th March 2019/by Cropnuts

Comparing Original Vs Generic Pesticide Performance

1st March 2019/by Cropnuts

Using Sunflowers To Reduce Brome Grass in Wheat

28th February 2019/by Cropnuts

T3 Fungicide Spray Tips For Battling Fusarium In Wheat

27th February 2019/by Cropnuts
wheat seed treatment

The Importance Of Cereal Seed Treatments

22nd February 2019/by Cropnuts
Fall army worm

Genetically Modified Maize – The Answer To Our Fall Armyworm Prayers?

7th February 2019/by Cropnuts
aphid control

Effective Aphid Control Depends On The Aphid Species

1st February 2019/by Cropnuts

Crop Health And Balanced Nutrition Shows The Way To Higher Yields

25th January 2019/by Cropnuts

10 Practical Agronomy Tips From The Association of Independent Crop Consultants (AICC) Annual Conference

17th January 2019/by Cropnuts
Potato farming in kenya

Starter Guide To Profitable Potato Farming

9th January 2019/by Cropnuts
barley farming in kenya

Barley Farming In Kenya: How We Achieved Massive 11.84 ton/ha Yield

8th January 2019/by Cropnuts
Kenya maize production

Think Agronomy: Review Of The Year 2018

19th December 2018/by Cropnuts
Urea fertilizer

Think Agronomy: Maximizing The Performance of Urea Fertilizer

7th December 2018/by Cropnuts
cereal row spacing & crop yield

Think Agronomy: Does Row Spacing Affect Cereal Yield?

30th November 2018/by Cropnuts
organic fertilizers in kenya

Why Soil Organic Matter Is So Important

16th November 2018/by Cropnuts
KWS Aliciana barley variety

Think Agronomy: New KWS Aliciana Barley Variety Launched

14th November 2018/by Cropnuts
Calcium Nitrate Fertilizer

Calcium Chronicles Part 2 – Calcium Nitrate Fertilizer Alternatives

9th November 2018/by Cropnuts

Think Agronomy: Choosing The Right Canola Variety

8th November 2018/by Cropnuts
broad leaved herbicides

Think Agronomy: Broad-Leaved Herbicide Options For Cereals

5th November 2018/by Cropnuts
Calcium Ammonium Nitrate (CAN) fertilizer

Why Calcium Ammonium Nitrate Is The Sovereign The Fertilizer

5th November 2018/by Cropnuts
Russian wheat aphid

Russian Wheat Aphid Alert In Wheat & Barley

29th October 2018/by Cropnuts
Soil compaction by machinery

Controlled Traffic Farming Part 3 – How To Make CTF Work On Your Farm.

19th October 2018/by Cropnuts
Controlled traffic farming kenya

Controlled Traffic Farming Part 2: If It Works, Why Isn’t Everyone Doing It?

11th October 2018/by Cropnuts

7 Big Ways Controlled Traffic Farming System Boosts Your Crop Yield

3rd October 2018/by Cropnuts
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