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Cereals 2017 Visit

Last week I visited the UK’s Cereals Event, a two day exhibition of all things arable including machinery, crop varieties, crop nutrition, fungicides, drones, precision farming and grain marketing. The event always attracts a wide range of international visitors looking at new ideas, technology and machinery. Here are my highlights from the trip: Machinery No-till […]

Spray Adjuvants – A Dark Science?

There is always intense discussion about the use of spray adjuvants among farmers and agronomists. As an independent agronomist I feel that they are often used unnecessarily, however in many situations they can improve the effectiveness of sprays and even allow dose rate to be reduced by improving the effectiveness of the chemical. Not all […]

Fungicides: Groups, Types & Examples

Fungicides are mostly known by their brand names. But when you want to get scientific about farming, it’s important to understand a bit more about which ones to use in different crops, and why they suit particular situations. Triazole Fungicides These represent the largest and most significant group, and include active ingredients such as tebuconazole […]

Sprayer Cleaning and Hygiene Newsletter

As the spraying season picks up, I always have plenty of discussions with farmers about cleaning out sprayers, and which order to spray crops in order to minimise downtime. It is crucial to remember that crop growth can be affected by tank residues from a previous spray, even when you cannot see visual in the […]

Brome Grass Weed Control

Standing in a soil pit at a recent CropNuts and Cereal Growers Association Field Day near Eldoret, I asked how many farmers have Brome Grass on their farms. I was surprised when around three-quarters of farmers raised their hands and they looked around in slight embarrassment! The fact is that this is a very common […]

Fall Army Worm Threat Grows Closer

Reports have been gathering recently about Fall Army Worm, a potentially devastating pest of Maize which has been sweeping from West Africa, down to the South of the continent and now towards us here in Kenya. Originally a pest of the southern states of the US, Fall Army Worm is a small larvae laid by […]

Planning the rotation

A sound rotation has many benefits; here we discuss a few key points when planning to improve the performance of your farm All plants have favoured soil types and climates which need to be appreciated when choosing which crops to introduce into the rotation. Barley for example is very tolerant of Sodium Soils, Peas thrive […]