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Why Soil Organic Matter Is So Important

By Ruth Vaughan, Msc. Applied Science Organic fertilizers are derived from animal or plant matter, manures, algal and seaweed products, and organic wastes from processing and food industries.  They have a high carbon content and tend to be more diverse in nutrient content, slower acting, longer lasting and benefit agriculture by not only adding important […]

Think Agronomy: New KWS Aliciana Barley Variety Launched

By David Jones, Broad Acre Agronomist, Msc. Agriculture Kenya Breweries are introducing a new malting barley variety, KWS Aliciana, giving growers an alternative to Quench, Cocktail, Grace and the likes of Nguzo. This is a very interesting move because KWS is the world’s largest privately owned plant breeder, based in Germany but operating globally, and […]

Part 2 Of The Calcium Chronicles – Calcium Nitrate Alternatives

By Ruth Vaughan, Msc. Applied Science As mentioned in the previous newsletter there are no water soluble, non-reactive calcium nitrate alternatives that you can throw into your fertigation recipes as a direct replacement.  So here I will list some of the options available for calcium to boost calcium levels. NOTE FIRSTLY that calcium nitrate brings […]

Kenya Airways Flights To New York – Big Opportunity For Horticulture Farmers

INDUSTRY NEWS By Beth Ngugi The Kenya Airways direct flight to New York is an exciting promise of an expanded market which will mean increased trade opportunities for Kenya fresh produce farmers. The permit is scheduled to be effective from 5th September. “Scheduled and charter foreign air transportation of persons, property, and mail from any […]

Think Agronomy: Choosing The Right Canola Variety

By David Jones, Broad Acre Agronomist, Msc. Agriculture We already know that Canola is a very well adapted crop to a range of conditions in Kenya, and brings some great rotational benefits. But what about choosing the right canola variety? Essentially there are two very different canola variety options and it is very important to […]

Calcium Is The King Nutrient & Calcium Nitrate The Sovereign Fertilizer

By Ruth Vaughan, Msc. Applied Science In soil and plant nutrition calcium is King. Calcium Nitrate is the only non-reactive soluble calcium fertilizer suitable for drip feeding fertigated crops, so it goes without saying that calcium nitrate is the sovereign of fertilizers.  There are NO realistic, long term alternatives. Sadly, Kenyan (and Ugandan) growers have encountered a […]

Russian Wheat Aphid Alert In Wheat & Barley

By David Jones, Broad Acre Agronomist, Msc. Agriculture Growers are warned to keep a close eye out for Russian Wheat Aphid in wheat and barley crops. The small aphid around 2mm in length produces a toxic saliva when feeding on young plants, giving rise to a characteristic white and red streaking up the leaves of […]

Tribulations Of Maize Farmers – Symptom Of An Ailing Agriculture System?

By Emmanuel Atamba Listening to the proceedings of the Senate’s ad-hoc public hearing on outstanding payments to maize farmers in Uasin Gishu County recently, left many pondering about the future for Kenya’s farmers. The tribulations of the farmers in the North Rift and Western regions that are considered the country’s food basket, have been many […]

Changes in EU Pesticide Maximum Residue Levels [October 2018 Update]

By Ruth Vaughan October 2018 A number of changes to regulation EC 396/2005 have been published. These regulations will become active in June 2018 and January 2019. These changes include both reductions and increases of the MRLs. Regulation EC 2018/960 is an amendment to annexes II, III and V of regulation EC 396/2005 and describes […]