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Aphid Identification Crucial As Pressure Mounts

Once again the hotter, drier conditions at this time of year seem to bring increased aphid pressure particularly in brassicas. Too often I receive calls from growers confused by poor control, highlighting why it is vital to correctly identify the species before deciding on control measures. Small, compact colonies of Mealy Cabbage Aphids are very […]

Spraying Potatoes Before Harvesting: Tips For Effective Crop Desiccation

The main objective of the potato harvesting operation is to lift the crop with minimum damage to tubers as well as minimum amount of clay, dirt and stones. The first stage of potato harvesting is to desiccate or “burn-off” the foliage (haulms). Potato Harvesting Desiccation Good haulm desiccation is crucial to lifting and storing good potatoes. Number 1, getting […]

Why Soil Fertility Is The #1 Defense Against Crop Pests & Disease

By Dr. Rob Mikkelsen, Ph.D. (Soil Science) Fertilizers are responsible for over half of global food production, but there are areas in world with nutrient deficiency and other areas of nutrient excess. Managing soil fertility requires careful application of science and skill to meet production, environmental, and social goals. Getting crops off to a good […]

What Happened To Last Year’s Fertilizer? Tips For Budget-Conscious Farmers

By Dr. Rob Mikkelsen, Ph.D. University of California (Soil Science) Everyone is looking to get the most value from everything they do. With the ever-tightening squeeze between farm inputs and crop prices, it just makes good sense to reevaluate where the added fertilizer is going each year. The purpose of adding nutrients to soil is […]

Powdery Mildew Vs Downey Mildew: What’s The Difference?

“What is this white powdery substance infesting my tomatoes? Pls help” is a question frequently asked by most first-time greenhouse farmers. Chances are, it’s powdery mildew. Another common question is “What’s the difference between powdery mildew and downey mildew and what is used to treat them?” Let’s figure out this puzzle together.. Powdery Mildew Powdery […]