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Creating Sustainability In The Flower Industry (Part 1)

By Ruth Vaughan, CropNuts Technical Director European flower importers are pushing for their suppliers to be able to demonstrate sustainable policies and practices. The pressure is on.. In order to continue to be economically sustainable one must comply with the market demands and trends or find a new market. From a horticultural view we must […]

Types of Lime And What To Look Out For

By David Jones, CropNuts Broad Acre Agronomist Last week we looked at the importance of liming and the returns it generates by maximising the efficiency with which nutrients can be used by the crop and improving the root environment for the plant. This week I want to look at the options for correcting pH with […]

Agriculture Needs a Makeover to Lure Young People Back to Farming

By Oscar Adika Rural youth are increasingly abandoning agriculture to work in cities, raising the question who will grow our food in the future? The Young Farmer: An Endangered Species? Africa has the youngest population in the world. 60% of Africa’s 1.26 billion people is under 24 years. That translates to 756 million of us. […]

Are You Missing Out On Liming?

By David Jones, CropNuts Broad Acre Agronomist In this Think Agronomy issue: Are you diagnosing Fall Armyworm correctly in Sorghum? The benefits of liming and why it remains the most cost effective input Getting The Basics Right The importance of getting the basics right in farming is something I often talk about in #THINKAGRONOMY newsletters. Having […]

4 Ways The Smart Phone Is Changing Modern Agriculture

It doesn’t matter what you do: Whether you are a Business exec, farmer, CEO, kange, student – we all use the smart phone to enhance our daily lives. It’s really exciting to see farmers on the front line in adopting smart phone technologies in their farming. So how are farmers benefiting from the smart phone […]

KTDA Partners With Cropnuts to Test Kenya Tea Farmers’ Soils

The Kenya Tea Development Agency (KTDA) has began conducting soil & leaf testing among small-scale Kenya tea farmers in Kenya to determine the best fertiliser for them. Improving Kenya Tea Farmers’ Production The project, a joint venture between the Kenya Tea Development Agency (KTDA) , International Finance Corporation (IFC) and Crop Nutrition Laboratory Services (CropNuts) […]

Soil Testing – Solution to Food Security in Africa?

Food is a great connector. It connects families, communities and even nations. Most memorable conversations happen at the dinner table. But how does the food end up at the dinner table in the first place? It’s the farmers who bring food to our tables. With a bursting population of 1.2 billion people in Africa, it […]

High Aphid Pressure Hits As Drought Takes Hold

By David Jones, CropNuts Broad Acre Agronomist This week, we take a look at: Identifying and controlling specific aphid to avoid control failures What thresholds to use to make decisions on farm crop spraying Why spraying an insecticide on some aphid populations can INCREASE their numbers Aphid pest pressure at the moment is very high […]

Recommendations For Wheat Tebuconazole Fungicide Decision

Which brands of wheat tebuconazole fungicide should you use and which ones should you avoid? Let’s dive in.. Tebuconazole Fungicide Choices Once pesticides go ‘off-patent’ they are allowed to be copied and sold by other manufacturers. This competition in the market can be very good news for farmers, but it also bring with it risks. […]

How To Control Nematode Infestation

By Ruth Vaughan Nematodes are tiny microscopic worms that spread to and within greenhouses through contaminated water, machinery, animals and humans Ornamental growers are reporting increasing nematode infestations under greenhouse production. According to crop protection experts, many growers do not diagnose the problem until the crop is already damaged. Nematodes are long, thin round worms, […]