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OPINION: Why Kenya Should Shift To Genetically Modified Maize

KALRO has done a lot of work in sensitizing farmers, politicians and other stakeholders on the importance of Genetically Modified Maize in Kenya through testing Bt maize in confined field trials (CFTs) in Kiboko and Kitale. Bt maize materials in the CFTs have proven to be resistant to insects and drought as compared to the […]

OPINION: Time To Give Genetically Modified Crops (GMOs) A Chance

Regardless of scientific consensus and countless studies endorsing the safety of genetically modified crops, the adoption of GMO food is still low in Africa. What will it take to trust Scientists on GMOs? Genetically Modified Crops Africa continues to lag behind in adoption of biotech crops. In 2016, only two of the 26 countries that […]

Sunflowers – Worth A Closer Look?

By David Jones, Broad Acre Agronomist, Msc. Agriculture A couple of months ago I looked at the gross margins of different crops in order to understand their profitability. We all know of course that the cash that a crop generates after seeds, sprays and fertiliser costs is not the be all and end all, and […]

Improving Nodulation In Legumes

By David Jones, Broad Acre Agronomist, Msc. Agriculture Legume nodulation. If there is one topic that we receive more advice on than any other, it is probably how to improve nodulation in legumes, and ultimately the nitrogen fixation, of our pulse crops. And yet in many areas of the country, despite addressing these factors, nodulation […]

6 Soil Care Tips For Successful Avocado Farming

By Ruth Vaughan, Msc. Applied Science Full of flavor, packing a high nutrient punch and neatly protected by its own skin, it is no wonder that the amazing avocado is gaining popularity as a healthy superfood.  The annual global demand is increasing at a faster rate than the annual global production resulting in higher prices […]

OPINION: Organic Farming Solution To Africa’s Food Security Situation?

Wednesday, 5th September On Monday we asked for your thoughts on the proposed 16% VAT Tax on pesticides. Increased tax on pesticide is a sure way of killing Agriculture, most people said. Some suggested maybe it’s time we learn to live without pesticides. Could this looming price hike of pesticides be a great opportunity to […]