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Think Agronomy: Your Farming Questions Answered

This week I am going to answer a few of the frequently asked agronomy questions you have sent from previous newsletters. Thanks for subscribing and talking to us! Let’s dive in.. What is the best approach for Controlling Couch Grass? The only sure answer to Couch Grass is to apply glyphosate in the fallow period. […]

Food Safety & Food Control Systems

Food safety is receiving much attention at the global level as its necessity crosslinking between food and health gaining momentum across the world. As food safety improvement is an unavoidable element in the campaign, work and progress towards food security. As food trade is expanding across the world, food safety has become a shared concern […]

Food Safety – Key Recipe For Restaurant Success

This is a part of the Quality Food Is Quality Life series to increase awareness on why food safety matters. Subscribe on the pop up below to receive more installment of these articles. What Do Customer Want? Clean. Customers want clean. Clean food. Clean utensils and tables. Clean restrooms (very important). Your average restaurant customer […]

The Disastrously Destructive Fall Army Worm (FAW)

Fall Army Worm (FAW), is a new emerging invasive pest that is wreaking havoc in Kenya and many other parts of the world, causing huge losses to farmers and impacting on food security.  FAW or Spodoptera frugiperda, is a caterpillar native to tropical and sub-tropical regions of the Americas.  FAW was first detected in West […]

How Agriculture Technology is Revolutionizing the Food Industry

To keep up with the ever-increasing needs of society, we need to rethink how we approach the food industry through agriculture technology. The global population will reach 8.5 billion by 2030, according to the UN. Making sure we can produce and distribute enough food to match the demand is already one of the greatest challenges […]

Changes in EU Legislation On Pesticide Residues [July 2019 Update]

Recently, the EU have published 5 changes to regulations regarding pesticide residues. These changes will become active in April and August of 2019 and include reductions and elevations of the Maximum Residue Levels (MRLs) for different products: 1. Regulation EU 2019/88 is an amendment to Annex II to Regulation EU 396/2005, and describes a change […]

Dealing With Rising Fall Armyworm Threat, Precision Farming Challenges & Late Planted Wheat

Today’s issue of #ThinkAgronomy tackles main Agronomy challenges that crop up during planting and during the onset of the rains which is being experienced in most parts of the country. Fall Armyworm Following the sporadic rain over the past two weeks, Fall Armyworm larvae have appeared rapidly. Do not be complacent; spray as soon as the first larvae are seen, and assume […]