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Understanding Boron Deficiency In Crops

Boron deficiency symptoms first appear at growing points of the shoot and roots and in the flowering and fruiting structures. Often terminal buds die and shoot internodes shorten, leading to stubby, distorted new growth emerging from side shoots causing a bushy rosetted look. Boron is the first element in Group 13, the aluminium family, of […]

What Is The Best Way To Apply Sulphur?

Sulphur prices We have seen some interesting responses to sulphur over the last two years of our trials, and one of the key questions I am asked is “What is the best way to apply Sulphur?” Bearing in mind that the best way is not always the cheapest way, I have broken down the cost […]

Recent Changes In EU Maximum Residue Levels [April 2019 Update]

A number of changes to regulation EC 396/2005 have been published affecting Pesticide Maximum Residue Levels (MRLs) . The first regulation has already been active since the first of January 2019. The other changes will become active in July and August of 2019. These changes include both reductions as increases of the MRLs. Regulation EC […]

Arable Farming Lessons From Zambia

9 ton/ha wheat, constant double cropping with Soybeans and 1,200mm annual rainfall. Zambia is a country of enormous agricultural potential but also immense agronomic challenges. We visited Somawhe Farm in Copperbelt Province to find out how they are adapting to the low grain prices, soil constraints and an alternating wheat and soya rotation… You would […]

CROPNUTS Is Moving To A New Home

Cropnuts is making the big move….to a new home! We are happy to announce that we’ll soon be moving to our new, ultramodern Laboratory Facility & Training Centre in Limuru. Our new Centre of Analytical & Agronomic Excellence will enable us to serve you even better, with a wider range of quality, ISO 17025 accredited […]

Haunting Photos Of Hunger: Why Are We Here Again?

About 1.1 million Kenyans mostly living in arid and semi-arid areas are on the brink of starvation and require intervention. This is according to the short Rains Assessment report released last week, which alludes that food crisis is expected to last until end of August 2019 when some farmers will have harvested after utilizing the […]

George Kili’s Story Perfectly Demystifies Precision Agriculture

Precision Agriculture (PA) or Precision Farming is a modern approach to farming which uses Information Technology (IT) tools to ensure crops and the soil receive exactly what they need for optimum health & yield. George’s Story George is known in the agricultural sector as an avid farmer, always striving to improve operations on his 1,000-acre […]

Potato Varieties Grown In Kenya

Seed potato varieties in Kenya are produced by certified seed producers such as KALRO, Agrico East Africa, International Potato Centre (CIP), Bioplant GmbH, Africalla among others Seed Potato Varieties List 1. Roslin Eburu B53 (by Kalro) It was released in 1953 by the Kenya Agricultural and Livestock Research Institute (Kalro). It is recommended to for […]

Certified Seed Potato Production In Kenya

The availability of certified seed potato in Kenya is improving, thanks to efforts being made by National Potato Council of Kenya & KEPHIS. Potato is the world’s fourth most important food crop after wheat, maize and rice. It is the second most important crop in Kenya after maize. Globally, potato is grown successfully in tropical […]