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Maize Nutrition: Feeding The Crop In A Difficult Season

By David Jones, Broadacre Agronomist, Msc. Agriculture Understanding the key growth stages of Maize is crucial to getting nutrients applied at the correct timing. As many crop reach top dressing timing, we look at the main requirements of the crop. In some countries where equipment and application techniques are not developed or available, all of […]

Daktari wa Udongo: Why We Care About The Smallscale Farmer

By Ian Mutua Who Is Daktari wa Udongo? We are a team of passionate soil doctors who have made it our mission to transform the lives of rural farmers in the remotest of areas throughout Kenya. We are committed to giving that farmer the best of relevant advice that we can offer to him/her with […]

Food Safety Standards: How Safe Is The Food You Eat?

By Ruth Vaughan Food safety is a rapidly emerging discipline.  We are what we eat.  How safe is our food? What is food safety? Food safety is a scientific discipline describing handling, preparation, testing and storage of food in ways that prevent food-borne illness. What are the food safety hazards? Disease causing agents (bacterial, fungal, viral) […]

Potatoes To Be Priced In Kilos To Boost Farmer Income

Potatoes will be sold in kilogrammes come July 1, if farmers give a nod to the government’s legislation proposal outlawing use of buckets and sacks. Agriculture Secretary Mwangi Kiunjuri said standardising the price of potatoes at the retail and wholesale levels would help farmers determine the returns of their produce based on quantity and variety. […]

OPINION: Practical Steps To Implement Kenya’s Big Four Agenda

By Richard Munang and Robert Mgendi Sustainable, nature-based agriculture and clean energy can be the cornerstone of development that starts at community level, says Dr Richard Munang and Robert Mgendi. “Having rain clouds is not the same as having rain.” This proverb reminds us that potential remains valueless unless harnessed. Kenya’s Big Four priorities, as they are fondly […]

Lucy Thuo Success Story: Instead Of Giving Up, Try Again

By Wanyaka Gituku It is said that ambition is the path to success and persistence is the vehicle that you arrive in. Lucy Thuo’s life has been about ambition and persistence. A trained teacher by profession and a graduate from the University of Nairobi, she was employed for less than two years. Ambition and love […]

The Untold Story Of Why Maai Mahiu – Suswa Area Is Cracking & Flooding

By Dr. Charles Gachene, BSC, MSc, University of Nairobi, PhD in Soil Science Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences Mother Nature is on a very serious revenge mission in this country, as recent events indicate. Before discussing the events that took place in Suswa, let’s first revisit a few fundamental facts. The increasing degradation of ecosystems and […]

The Role Of Soil Health In Natural Disaster Mitigation

By Ruth Vaughan You may think that the common factor between drought and flood in many places in Kenya is water, especially lately. Other than the lack or abundance of rain, the major reason for droughts and floods is the soil’s health status and its inability to absorb, store and release water. Soil is the […]