Daktari wa Udongo

By Ian Mutua

Who Is Daktari wa Udongo?

We are a team of passionate soil doctors who have made it our mission to transform the lives of rural farmers in the remotest of areas throughout Kenya. We are committed to giving that farmer the best of relevant advice that we can offer to him/her with an assurance of transforming their agricultural life. We do recognize they have little and that’s why we don’t ask for much in return, just a soil sample will do.

We have over the years realized that there is power and wealth in cared for soil and that’s why we decided to start the Daktari wa Udongo soil testing services. We travel over the country on call to collect soil samples and train farmers on how to care and treat their soils. As a result their soils become healthier and balanced.

Dakatri wa Udongo CropNuts

Daktari wa Udongo Larson Chebii (left) attending to farmers at the 2017 Eldoret Agribusiness Fair

Being farmers ourselves we do know its every farmers desire to get a little bit more produce from their farm and hopefully get enough to sell and get some money out of it. Through Daktari wa Udongo services, we are able to collect soil samples for testing at our lab. There after get results and recommendations which the farmers can use to improve their soils. By this, not only do they get that extra that they so much desire but abundantly enough to have a comfortable life.

We are practically teaching our farmers how to do farming all over again. By so doing we have been slowly introducing our farmers to soil correction programs like use of lime, gypsum, manure/compost and even rock phosphate. This to us is the very first and crucial l step for every farmer towards realizing and reaching his/her potential.

Getting farmers on track towards having well balanced soils has been and still is our mission. As a team of Daktari wa Udongo we are sure that our farmers will have healthier and more productive soils through our soil testing and advice services which intern result to better soil health and proper fertilizer use. As we continue doing what we know doing best ‘putting smiles on every farmer’ guarantee you that we have much more to offer our farmers. So be part of this journey and don’t walk alone choose Daktari wa Udongo

Meet The Daktari wa Udongo Team

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About  Ian

Ian mutua agronomist

Over the years I have always wondered how crops grow and thrive in soils, how they suck up all those nutrients and make use of them. How they grow and develop, I saw life and freshness in them. Later I came to understand that actually the soil gives them life. I took an interest in crops and did a course in Crop Improvement and protection. Over the years I have gathered few months’ worth of experience in the various agricultural fields trying to better understand this vast field. Livestock farming, dry land farming, irrigation fed farming and flower farming are some of the sectors I have been involved in. I have broadened my knowledge base and finally settled on a field that feeds my hunger and thirst for knowledge and experience. Agronomy. CropNuts being one of the best soil testing labs in Africa has given me the opportunity to work as an Agronomist. Interacting with farmers learning and teaching about soil health and the benefits of testing your soil has been an experience .I have seen farmers transform the way they do farming and being more cautious of how they treat their soils and this is moving for me. I have seen farmers reaping more from their soils by just a year of better farming practices. I want to do more for farmers I want to be an advocate a teacher of better soil health and practices that will improve their soils. I want to teach farmers the importance of soil and show them the wonders soil can do for them. Am still young in experience and each day I get to learn something new about soil and that’s just the beauty of it.