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What Do Customer Want?

Clean. Customers want clean. Clean food. Clean utensils and tables. Clean restrooms (very important). Your average restaurant customer might be hard to please. And that’s okay because nothing sends your customers away like poor food hygiene. A bad stomach after dining out is never a fun thing to experience. A day off work because of stomach poisoning is not something most of us look forward to. That’s why cleanliness of restaurant spaces remains undoubtedly the biggest factor driving customer satisfaction.

First Impression Matter

A customer’s first impression is formed the second they pull up into the restaurant parking lot or go through the restaurant doors

“You can see this restaurant is a total dump the second you pull in the parking lot. There are weeds growing on the sidewalk, the windows need cleaning. And seeing swarms of flies outside didn’t make me feel great about eating their food.”

A clear recipe for success here is to tidy up the landscape, clean up exterior surfaces such as windows and doors. Also you can put up measures to control pests that may creep into the restaurant from outside. Avoid vegetation that may harbor or attract pests.

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Proactively demonstrating your commitment to food safety creates powerful peace of mind in customers’ mind. How powerful?
Most customers say they’d willingly tolerate poor service in a restaurant with a good food hygiene rating

Setting The Table

“I was so excited to try this place, but the second we sat down, we realized we wouldn’t be eating. The table had been hastily wiped down, so the last customer’s ketchup spill was just smeared around. And both our forks had food crusted on them. We left before ordering.”

Well, it is expected that customers want a clean table but sometimes that’s not always a given. Dirty utensils and dirty tables are still a major complaint that turn off customers from ever visiting a restaurant. And for a good reason.  Since these are the surfaces customers will directly eat from, there is absolutely no margin for error.

Why Food Safety Matters

“My girlfriend and I both got terribly sick after eating here. I heard they’ve had issues before. DO NOT GO.”

That review alone can be the death knell to any restaurant. 75% of customers will never visit or return to a restaurant implicated in a food safety incident. Customers would rather tolerate poor service than tolerate poor food hygiene.

Food hygiene actually starts from sourcing the right raw ingredients that have been grown, stored and transported in clean, hygienic conditions. Common food safety hazards include: disease causing agents (bacteria, fungi & viruses), crop pesticide residues (Glyphosate and other pesticide residues), heavy metals in food & drinking water, foreign bodies in food such as plastic, metal filings, hair, finger nails, jewelry, etc) & poisonous substances such as Aflatoxin.

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