Jeremy Cordingley

Managing Director

Jeremy Cordingley is an agricultural expert with over 20 years experience in soil fertility and precision agriculture in Africa. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Technology from Cranfield University and a Masters in Tropical Soil Science and Tropical Agricultural Production from the University of Reading.

Jeremy is committed to agricultural development in Kenya and across Africa, promoting better farming systems through disseminating knowledge and increasing crop yields and food production in Kenya and  across Africa.

Ruth Vaughan

Technical Director

Ruth Vaughan is the Technical Director for CropNuts.  She is responsible for working closely with our farmers and ensuring that they get the A1 service they deserve.  She brings with her a wealth of knowledge and experience from working the agricultural sector in Kenya for the last 19 years.  Having run a flower farm herself for ten years she can empathize with the growers.  Ruth is passionate about soil fertility, IPM and biological pest control to reduce pesticide use in crops and improve food safety and nutrient density.  She is a great believer in soil health, organic matter, biochar and carbon sequestration as a way to alleviate climate change and increase food security.  She loves visiting the farmers and seeing all the different farming methods.  She loves a good challenge and will go out of her way to resolve some very complex cases.  Out of the office Ruth enjoys catching up with family and friends, gardening and relaxing with her beloved animals – dogs, chickens, horses, pigs, goats and Amber the cow.

Mwihaki Ndung’u

Finance Manager

Mwihaki Ndung’u is the Finance Manager at CropNuts. She is a dependable, reliable and a flexible team player with 15 years’ experience in finance.

Mwihaki is a CPA K, holds a degree in Business Administration-Finance option and a Master’s in Project Planning and Management from the University of Nairobi. She is a skilled administrator managing a wide variety of functions within CropNuts.

Out of the office, Mwihaki loves spending time with her family, biking, and protecting and developing nature preserves. She is a proud member of friends of Karura forest.

Josephine Gakobo

Lab Manager

Josephine holds a Bachelor of Technology degree in Analytical Chemistry and is currently pursuing Master of Arts in Leadership.

“I believe the biggest room in the world is room for improvement, and that the highest type of efficiency is that which can utilize existing resources to the best advantage. I love dancing and enjoy doing so to my children. Outdoor nature walks relax my mind; and I am almost always tuned to the Natural Geographic channel when indoors.”

Samuel Mwangi

Quality Control Manager

Samuel is a holder of BSc in chemistry and is currently writing a thesis on ‘Availability of P in subsoil’ at Kenyatta University; Samuel has a passion for excellence in soil and water analysis.

Prior to this, he worked in various pharmaceutical and food industries. In his spare time, Samuel loves travelling and playing darts.

Rose Kemunto Nyakundi

Plant Pathologist

Rose joined Crop Nutrition Laboratories Ltd in 2014 having previously headed the regional Phytosanitary section for Syngenta EA. She has rich experience in pest and disease diagnostics and their effective control measures. Rose holds a Bachelor’s degree in BSc Agriculture and a Master’s degree in MSc Crop Protection from the University of Nairobi.

Precision farming

Jacopo Parigiani

Precision Agriculture Manager  After two years in southern Tanzania planting trees and sequestering carbon from the atmosphere, Jacopo returned to his country of adoption and joined CropNuts back in October 2012 to dig the Kenyan soils and conserve her waters. A graduate from Wageningen University (the Netherlands) in Land and Water Management, he has extensive expertise in irrigation management and precision agriculture (PA) technologies. The times he is in the office, you can find him crunching numbers, making colourful variable rate fertilizer prescription maps and feeding lots of data to a smoking computer!

Barley farming in narok kikuyu laikipia eldoret

David Jones

Independent Agronomist

David joined CropNuts in October 2016 having worked as an Agronomist for a leading Independent Agronomy Company in the UK for 7 years. Prior to this he worked in Crop Trials, in Plant Breeding and in agricultural finance. A graduate of the Royal Agricultural University, David has a keen interest in soils and no till farming systems where he has undertaken work looking into weed levels and changes in soil structure, and has extensive experience in field trials and in the development of precision farming techniques. In his spare time he enjoys playing rugby.

Nettie de Pater

Operations Manager

Nettie joined CropNuts in September 2017. After her graduation in Environmental Health Science and Toxicology at the Universities of Maastricht and Wageningen (in The Netherlands), she worked for 7 years as chemical exposure and risk assessor in a leading research institute in The Netherlands (TNO). Eager to have more direct impact she decided to join the Ministry of Defense where she became head of an occupational safety & health unit. Being excited about how to manage teams better, she got certificates in Business Administration and Coaching. Other passions of her: meeting family and friends, travelling, reading, playing games and sports. 

Reinder Van der Meer

Business Development Director