Here’s latest update we have on our pesticide residue analysis & heavy metals analysis. We are a pesticide residue analysis laboratory through our partner lab Groen Agro in the Netherlands

Our partners in the Netherlands are continuously working on improvements to pesticide screening. This week they have extended and improved their screening analysis package for determination of pesticide residues for leaf and (ornamental) crop samples.

What are the improvements on Pesticide Residue Analysis?

  1. The GC-MS method will be replaced for the even better GC-MSMS method
  2. The list of components has been expanded with an extra 50 components
  3. The detection limit is reduced for almost all components to 0.01 mg / kg
  4. The number of accredited components has been expanded:-
    • LC-MSMS from 38 to 145 accredited components out of a total of 466 – detection limit 0.01 mg/kg
    • GC-MSMS from 15 to 215 accredited components out of a total of 409 – detection limit 0.01 mg/kg
    • Total components tested in a standard pesticide residue analysis – 875 with a detection limit of 0.01 mg/kg!  (Very extensive and highly accredited!)

Leaf and crop samples will be analysed by this improved method from this week. The renewed analysis lists for the screening of residues on leaf and crop samples is available on

In addition, through our partners, we can offer screening for the following extra molecules:-

Food safety

Sulphites (LOD 5 mg/kg), Total Inorganic Bromide (LOD 5 mg/kg), Nitrates (70 mg/kg), Fosetyl aluminium (0.01 mg/kg) & phosphonic acid (0.1 mg/kg), Perchlorate & chlorate (0.01 mg/kg), QAC’s (0.01 mg/kg), Dithiocarbamates (0.05 mg/kg), Thiourea (0.01 mg/kg), Guazatine (0.01 mg/kg), Amines, morpholine (0.1 mg/kg) & diethanolamine (0.3 mg/kg)

Heavy metals for food safety

Arsenic, chromium, copper, lead, nickel, tin, zinc (0.05 mg/kg), cadmium and mercury (0.01 mg/kg)

Herbicides and Plant Growth Regulators

Diquat & Paraquat (0.01 mg/kg),  Glyphosate, Glufosinate (0.01 mg/kg) & AMPA (0.05 mg/kg),  Chlormequat (CCC) & Mepiquat (0.01 mg/kg), Gibberellic acid (0.01 mg/kg),  Ethephon (0.01 mg/kg), Amitrole (0.05 mg/kg), Maleic hydrazide (0.05 mg/kg), 6-benzyladenine (0.01 mg/kg)

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