By Jacopo Parigiani

Crop Nutrition Laboratories (CropNuts) is proud to offer the first independent product performance trials in Kenya. We test a variety of products ranging from fertilizer to seed varieties to crop protection products and biological products.

Here’s how you stand to benefit from our team of experts:

  • Professionally designed trials
  • In-house statistical analysis for factual evidence
  • Independent, unbiased trial results

 Here’s a video of what we’re currently doing

We offer the following trials:

SEED VARIETY TRIALS – we compare the performance of different varieties and identify the most suited to specific environments and specific agronomic practices.

FERTILIZER – we test the effectiveness of new products on the market comparing their yield responses to standard farmer practices.

CROP PROTECTION – from fungicides to insecticides to herbicides to fumigants – we test and document their success rate against disease, pests or weed infestations.

BIOLOGICAL PRODUCTS – we test their effect on fertility and biodiversity boost; on biocontrol of insects, disease and nematodes, and their effect on crop control

Detached from any input supplier and well known and respected throughout the region, we guarantee unbiased results so that you can build customer confidence by providing them with hard facts from an independent, trusted company. Take the guesswork out and put in the facts.

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About Jacopo


After two years in southern Tanzania planting trees and sequestering carbon from the atmosphere, Jacopo returned to his country of adoption and joined CropNuts back in October 2012 to dig the Kenyan soils and conserve her waters. A graduate from Wageningen University (the Netherlands) in Land and Water Management, he has extensive expertise in irrigation management and precision agriculture (PA) technologies. The times he is in the office, you can find him crunching numbers, making colourful variable rate fertilizer prescription maps and feeding lots of data to a smoking computer!