Independent Product Performance Trials

Learn how your products perform under local conditions

We run independent product performance trials for a wide variety of products, including seeds, fungicides, fertilisers and biological alternatives.

These are set up in dedicated trial plots, with are managed by our experienced network of crop scientists, and are currently located across all the primary agricultural zones of Kenya and Nigeria

Once the trials are harvested, we will analyze the data and provide you with an independent product performance assessment report. Most of our clients use our crop trials as part of their research and development and product marketing campaigns.

What to expect

  • Field trial design based on your specifications and based around the questions you want to answer
  • Trial set up, including delineation and planting
  • Management of the crop trial
  • In season assessments of crop health and development
  • Harvesting and analysing yield data
  • Report with major grindings centred on yield and, if requested, a cost-benefit analysis
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Let us trial it for you

With our well-designed trials and a team of dedicated agronomists, we can test your products under local conditions and using local farmer practices. We design trials for:

Fertilizer Performance Trials Test the effectiveness of products. Besides, this trial compares product yield response and economic benefits against standard fertilizer practices

Our crop protection trials test the efficacy of different fungicides, insecticides, herbicides, fumigants and other crop protection products in the field. In addition to yield, we test and document their success rate against disease, pests or weed infestations.

In these trials we test the performance of your biological products against standard farm practices. These include testing of microbials, bio-fertility products, biocontrol products and much more.

Variety trials compare the performance of different seed varieties. We also identify the varieties best suited to specific environments and agronomic practices.

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