It doesn’t matter what you do: Whether you are a Business exec, farmer, CEO, kange, student – we all use the smart phone to enhance our daily lives.

It’s really exciting to see farmers on the front line in adopting smart phone technologies in their farming. So how are farmers benefiting from the smart phone technology?

Smart Phone Farming

Here are top 4 ways the smart phone is changing modern Agriculture:

1.  Quick access to market

Farmers can now check real time commodity prices from their phones wherever they are.  Part of the power middle men had over unsuspecting farmers was the precious market prices info. Right now we got mobile-friendly apps and websites such as MFarm, Soko+, AFA among others that offer real time market commodity prices. What’s more, you can be connected to buyers and sellers of farm produce on such platforms without having to go through conniving middlemen. (Now that’s empowerment).

2. Plant Pest & Disease Diagnosis

The mystery of a disease & pest identification can now be solved in a matter of minutes. Simply take a pic of the pest or diseased plant. Then upload it on smart phone apps such as Agrio and Plantix  which use Artificial Intelligence (AI) and discussion forums to identify the pest or disease.

3. Networking & Knowledge-Sharing

Farmers groups such Digital Farmers Kenya, African Farmers Club and #AgribusinessTalk254 are fantastic platforms to network and share ideas with fellow farmers. Farmers  regularly turn to Twitter, YouTube and Facebook to compare stories, keep updated on new farming techniques and equipment being used and seek advice.

4. Reaching out to a qualified Agronomist

You don’t need to walk or drive to the Agrovet at your shopping centre or in town to get Agronomy advice. Latest chat bot technology that uses Facebook Messenger app lets you chat with an Agronomist any time, any day. This gives you speedy advice on the emerging crop issues. Also you can get real time instructions on how to pick a soil sample for soil testing.  A great chat bot on Soil Testing  developed by CropNuts (comes with Free soil sample shipping) can be found here


The smart phone revolution has come with so many benefits. And farmers are in the frontline in making farming a fun and technologically-savvy profession. Can’t wait to see the how the future of farming evolves!
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