agribusiness farmer success stories

What follows is a series of inspiring farmer success stories in Kenya. These farmers are putting the business in Agribusiness.


Buyers of French beans mishiri in Kenya

French Beans Mishiri Farmer Harvests 720Kg Per Acre

French beans (commonly known as Mishiri) farmer Laban Kirimi in Meru Kenya, put soil analysis to the test and and his french beans farming has never been the same again. French Beans Mishiri Farming When Laban first tested his soil, he was…
successful capsicum tomato cabbage farmers in Kenya

Anne Muturi Success Story: How Soil Analysis Helped Improve My Yield

Ann Muturi, a greenhouse farmer in Kenya's Kiambu county, has a success story that will rekindle your hope in tomato & capsicum farming Successful Graduate Farmer Ann has won many hats in the past from being a student of math and chemistry…
onion farming profitability

Meru Farmer Doubles Onion Yield

Onion farming is popular in Kenya and Africa because of the great demand the crop commands. We met up with James, one of our successful onion farmers to tell us his story. Profitable Onion Farming James Mbogo is a farmer at heart. For 7 seven…
maize farming in Kenya western nakuru uasin gishu Kitale

How I Improved Maize Yield From 6 To 32 Bags Per Acre

Profitable maize farming in Kenya is becoming a reality for most farmers who are readily taking up new technologies to help them to drastically improve yield. We meet 24 year old Babuh on his parents’ expansive 700 acre farm in Endebes…
successful greenhouse farming tomato capsicum

Capsicum & Tomato Greenhouse Farming: Lucy's Success Story

Greenhouse farming in Kenya is popular. Today we celebrate an exceptional woman who left formal office job to venture into capsicum & tomato farming It is said that ambition is the path to success and persistence is the vehicle that you…
growing potatoes successfully

Mwihaki Ndung'u On Growing Potatoes Successfully: It Starts With The Soil

Growing potatoes successfully is no longer a mystery. In the misty rolling landscape of Kinale in Kiambu County, lies two potato farms. One belongs to Ms. Mwihaki and right next is her's - is her cousin's Jane potato farm. Potato is a common…
Green house farming Kenya

Wamagata Ng'ang'a: Why More Fertilizer Isn't Always Better

By Oscar Adika   "More isn't better. It's just more. And if directed at the wrong things, it's actually worse." - anonymous Tucked in the middle of ever bustling and busy Kinoo area, lies a 3 acre farm. 2 small greenhouses, a cow/goat/chicken/rabbit…
maize farming success story

Ken Chemngorem: How I Improved My Milk Production With A Simple Soil Test

Deep in the heart of Nakuru county in Kenya, Ken Chemngorem is managing an impressive 20-acre modern farm. 14 dairy cows and 6 calves graze peacefully in the green terrain of the farm. For Ken, these cows mean a lot since they provide upto around…
maize farming success story

Eldoret Farmer Maize Farming Success Story

Maize Farming Success Story We visited maize farmer Tim in Eldoret. His maize farming success story is, to say the least, inspirational. Despite the drought & fall army worm challenge, Tim - Owner of Makongi Farm in Eldoret - harvested…