barley wheat maize crop rotation

Using Sunflowers To Reduce Brome Grass in Wheat

Today we explore some benefits of including sunflowers in your crop rotation cycle especially when growing wheat. I have discussed the benefits of Sunflowers in the rotation in previous editions of #ThinkAgronomy, in reducing nematode populations,…
Types of herbicides for maize wheat barley in Kenya

Herbicide Options For Maize, Wheat & Barley

What follows is a herbicide chemical list used to manage broad leaved weeds in cereals in Kenya mostly maize, wheat and barley With many wheat and barley crops being dry planted this season, broadleaved weed control is likely to be a challenge…
barley wheat maize crop rotation

Planning For Profitable Crop Rotation

Crop rotation. It may seem as though the off season is a long way away for many growers in Kenya, but it will arrive quickly and now is a good time to review how best to use the land in the fallow period. Having experienced what for many is…