Pesticide Residue

Changes in EU Legislation On Pesticide Residues [July 2019 Update]

Recently, the EU have published 5 changes to regulations regarding pesticide residues. These changes will become active in April and August of 2019 and include reductions and elevations of the Maximum Residue Levels (MRLs) for different products: 1.…
Pesticide Residue

Kenya Airways Flights To New York - Big Opportunity For Horticulture Farmers

INDUSTRY NEWS By Beth Ngugi The Kenya Airways direct flight to New York is an exciting promise of an expanded market which will mean increased trade opportunities for Kenya fresh produce farmers. The permit is scheduled to be effective from…
Pesticide Residue

Ensuring Farm Produce Reaches the Kitchen and Food Table Safe

By Ruth Vaughan Concerted efforts and measures have been on-going in Kenya to enhance food safety, compliance and competitiveness in Kenya's fresh produce While horticulture has been defined as the science and art of growing fruits and…