Fall army worm

Genetically Modified Maize – The Answer To Our Fall Armyworm Prayers?

Would genetically modified (GMO) maize put an end to our Fall Armyworm woes? Let's explore this intriguing topic Relentless crop scouting, continual insecticide spraying with rising spray costs, and concerns about the final effects on yield…
Genetically modified maize

OPINION: Why Kenya Should Shift To Genetically Modified Maize

Genetically Modified (GMO) Maize is marking a new dawn in maize farming in Kenya. KALRO has done a lot of work in sensitizing farmers, politicians and other stakeholders on the importance of Genetically Modified Maize in Kenya through testing…
Genetically Modified Crops

OPINION: Time To Give Genetically Modified Crops (GMOs) A Chance

Regardless of scientific consensus and countless studies endorsing the safety of genetically modified crops, the adoption of GMO food is still low in Africa. What will it take to trust Scientists on GMOs? Genetically Modified Crops Africa…