Think Agronomy: Your Farming Questions Answered

This week I am going to answer a few of the frequently asked agronomy questions you have sent from previous newsletters. Thanks for subscribing and talking to us! Let's dive in.. What is the best approach for Controlling Couch Grass? The only…
examples of cover crops

Cover Crops Key To Unlocking Soil Fertility?

Cover crops have certainly made it into the mainstream in the last few years. What was known as a “Green Manure” and was seldom seen outside organic farms, is now much more widespread thanks in part to an increasing awareness of soil health…
examples of cover crops

Home-saved Seed - How can a Financial Success become an Agronomic Nightmare?

As harvest gets into gear around Timau, I decided to ask local farm manager Daniel Moore to share his thoughts in this week’s THINK AGRONOMY on Farm Saved Seed and how to make it a success. Producing your own seed can save you money if done…