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Roseto Flowers Invest In Ultra Modern Irrigation Water Management System

FLOWER INDUSTRY NEWS 17th August 2018 In the flower farming industry, high sodium levels in water has been a menace to most growers. Common irrigation water management systems such as Reverse Osmosis (RO) have come in handy to most flower…
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Top Tips To Help You Design A Suitable Fertigation System

By Ruth Vaughan, Msc. Applied Science Fertigation is the application of fertilizer together with the irrigation water.  The most common form of fertigation in Kenya is via drip irrigation.  Fertigation provides precise nutrition, application…
Nyumbani Childrens Home

Nyumbani Karen Organic Farm: Why Knowing Your Irrigation Water Quality Is So Important

By Oscar Adika   "To get a good production in farming, there are basics you cannot ignore in farming. One of them is irrigation water analysis.." - Paul Ndirangu Paul Ndirangu is the Farm Manager at Nyumbani Children's Home. Paul…