Think Agronomy: Your Farming Questions Answered

This week I am going to answer a few of the frequently asked agronomy questions you have sent from previous newsletters. Thanks for subscribing and talking to us! Let's dive in.. What is the best approach for Controlling Couch Grass? The only…

Calcium Nitrate Fertilizer Alternatives

Where to buy Calcium Nitrate Fertilizer? Well, due to port restrictions of the fertilizer into the country, here are some alternatives to CAN you can use As mentioned in the previous newsletter there are no water soluble, non-reactive calcium…

Calcium Nitrate Fertilizer

Calcium Nitrate fertilizer is currently in short supply in Kenya. What should farmers do? Let's first take a look at the role of Calcium in the soil and in crops In soil and plant nutrition calcium is King. Calcium Nitrate fertilizer is the…