Early fungicide on wheat barley

Fusarium Head Scab (Head Blight) Fungicide Timing

What's the optimum timing for T3 fungicide spraying in wheat and barley? T3 spraying is effective in Fusarium head scab (head blight) control. Fusarium Head Scab is not only a yield robbing disease in wheat (and barley), but it also…
Potato Cyst Nematode

Key Facts To Help You Combat Disease In Barley

By David Jones, Broad Acre Agronomist, Msc. Agriculture Along with Brome Grass, disease – and specifically Net Blotch – is the main yield robber disease in barley here in Kenya. But with the range of fungicide products on the market, where…
Potato Cyst Nematode

Controlling Potato Cyst Nematodes (PCN)

Nematodes are the silent enemy. Lets look at avoiding disasters by spotting Potato Cyst Nematodes (PCN) early in potatoes. Potato Cyst Nematodes – know what you’re dealing with before you plant Because of the devastating and persistent nature…