Daktari wa Udongo

George Kili's Story Perfectly Demystifies Precision Agriculture

Precision Agriculture (PA) or Precision Farming is a modern approach to farming which uses Information Technology (IT) tools to ensure crops and the soil receive exactly what they need for optimum health & yield. George's Story George…
maize production in kenya

Maize Production In Kenya: What's The Way Forward?

Maize production in Kenya is grappled by several challenges including high cost of farm inputs, fake fertilizers and most recently, the corruption scandals rocking the National Cereals Produce Board (NCPB) The NCPB Maize Scandal in a single…
Daktari wa Udongo

Larrson Chebii: My Journey As A Daktari wa Udongo Agronomist

By Larrson Chebii I started this journey as Daktari wa Udongo in the North Rift region in 2014. This was a totally new service to this region. Not many knew about Daktari wa Udongo services or what it was at all about. To be honest I myself…