barley wheat maize crop rotation

Using Sunflowers To Reduce Brome Grass in Wheat

Today we explore some benefits of including sunflowers in your crop rotation cycle especially when growing wheat. I have discussed the benefits of Sunflowers in the rotation in previous editions of #ThinkAgronomy, in reducing nematode populations,…
barley wheat maize crop rotation

Sunflowers - Worth A Closer Look?

By David Jones, Broad Acre Agronomist, Msc. Agriculture A couple of months ago I looked at the gross margins of different crops in order to understand their profitability. We all know of course that the cash that a crop generates after seeds,…
barley wheat maize crop rotation

Planning For Profitable Crop Rotation

Crop rotation. It may seem as though the off season is a long way away for many growers in Kenya, but it will arrive quickly and now is a good time to review how best to use the land in the fallow period. Having experienced what for many is…