water soluble fertilizers for fertigation

Designing A Suitable Fertigation System

Fertigation is the application of fertilizer together with irrigation water.  The most common form of fertigation in Kenya is via drip irrigation.  Fertigation provides precise nutrition, application flexibility, minimized loses & environmental…
greenhouse farming

Greenhouse Farming Starter Guide

Greenhouse farming When you grow plants out in the open field, your soil has time to rest and regenerate. Not so in the greenhouse, where the climate is much hotter and the soil and plants are working hard all year round. Soil temperatures…
root knot nematode tomato resistant vegetable

Nematode: Our Silent Nemesis?

Nematode are microscopic, non-segmented, round worms that come under the Phylum Nematoda.  They are very diverse and live in organisms, plants, soils and water (terrestrial and aquatic).  100 cc of soil can contain several thousand nematodes. Nematodes…