By Larrson Chebii I started this journey as Daktari wa Udongo in the North Rift region in 2014. This was a totally new service to this region. Not many knew about Daktari wa Udongo services or what it
Larrson Chebii: My Journey As A Daktari wa Udongo Agronomist
4th May 2018
Calcium Ammonium Nitrate (CAN) fertilizer is currently in short supply in Kenya. What should farmers do? Let’s first take a look at the role of Calcium in the soil and in crops In soil and plant
Why Calcium Ammonium Nitrate Is The Sovereign The Fertilizer
5th November 2018
By David Jones, Broad Acre Agronomist, Msc. Agriculture As an agronomist I get asked a great deal about small grain seeders. And for good reason; a crop’s inherent yield is not decided by the combin
Our Latest Reviews On 14 Popular Small Grain Seeders
4th September 2018
By Ruth Vaughan <Scroll down to subscribe to this newsletter> In my line of work I visit hundreds of flower farms a year; the flourishing, the ticking over, and the ones in dire straits. A lot o
Critical Issues in Plant Nutrition in Floriculture
13th April 2018
By Jeremy Cordingley This year we have new clients in Thailand, China, Madagascar and Ghana. As a Kenyan company, it’s a great feeling to know CropNuts’ unique set of services are turning head
Exciting Developments Happening At CropNuts
27th March 2018
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