Putting 20 years of African experience into our own AgTech Platform

Our AgTech Solutions

We have developed a unique AgTech platform to scale our testing and advisory services across Africa. Featuring mobile soil testing labs, data driven agronomic recommendations and smart IoT sensors.

Quality AgTech Solutions

  • Innovative

    We strive to understand our customers’ needs, embrace constant change in our industry, and then adapt and meet these needs thru creativity and bleeding edge technology

  • Data Driven

    Our systems are built on solid evidence and a drive to generate the most accurate and relevant data sets for their optimal functioning

  • Collaborative

    Integrate with partners in the AgTech space to deliver end-to-end solutions to farmers

  • Effective

    Our systems demonstrably work, and we have years of evidence to prove it.

  • Economical

    Our systems are designed from the ground up to deliver value and maximize yields while keeping our services affordable.

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