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Accessible Soil Testing Technology For Small Farm Holders

FARMLAB is a B2B solution which uses infra-red technology to provide on-site, quick, affordable and accessible soil analysis for fertilizer recommendations and soil correction input advice to farmer interest organizations.

The FARMLAB model allows each lab to be self-owned and operated as mobile or stationary laboratory units, or contracted for on-site soil testing.

With our Cropnuts FARMLAB partners, our vision is to scale soil testing to 1 million small holder farmers across Africa over the next 5 years, helping these farmers improve their soil health and crop yields, by always using the right farm inputs.

FARMLAB is available in Nigeria, Malawi and Kenya and we are scaling out to other regions.

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We have developed different FARMLAB solutions....

myFarmLab is a complete soil testing lab solution, owned and operated by you to serve you small holder farmers. This solution is ideally priced for organizations wanting to soil test > 5,000 small holder farms each year

myFARMLAB includes a one-off investment in hardware and then an annual license fee per test.

Laboratory Training & Installation

By running a myFARMLAB, you will become part of our FARMLAB family. Once a laboratory is sold, we’ll send a trainer to install the equipment. Thereafter, they’ll train your staff up to a point where they are fluent and conversant with the equipment and software. Also, we’ll link them up with full support and relationship with the Spectral Support Team in Nairobi.

The Training will come with a full Training Manual and Standard Operating procedures (SOP’s) and operators will receive a Certificate once they have successfully passed the training.

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FARMLAB Onsite is our “call-out” soil testing service. Its an ideal solution for organizations looking for a rapid, affordable soil testing service for their smallholder holder farmers, at their own central location, without needing to invest in any hardware or operators. FARMLAB Onsite is well suited to organizations working with < 5,000 small holder farmers, or where soil testing is needed within shorter term agricultural development projects.

This service includes

  • Training your extension team in soil sampling
  • Providing a custom built soil sampling app
  • Providing on-site soil testing (up to 200 samples per day)
  • Providing soil test reports with lime and fertilizer recommendations
  • Providing a client portal for visualization of soil data & farm input needs
  • Training your extension team on interpretation of soil results

Our minimum requirement for a FARMAB Onsite call-out is 1,000 samples.

Our dedicated FARMLAB support team are trained Laboratory Technicians and Agronomists, who offer 24 hour support to our partner laboratories throughout Africa.

We have developed a smart Quality Control system to ensure results meet the quality criteria. This system automatically checks and approves the quality of results generated by our FARMLABs. The support team gets an alert in case a sample cannot pass the system due to its unique nature or composition. Thereafter, the team manually assess the sample and its data and will instruct the local operators on its next steps.

Soils are very diverse, and it happens occasionally that a soil sample is not recognized by our machine learning system.  We call such samples outliers and they do not generate a report. Our support system will automatically retain these samples for further processing by our accredited reference laboratory in Nairobi. Our reference analysis data for outlier samples helps to continually train and improve our system.

Although FARMLAB can run 100% autonomously, our Support Team is an important and integrated part of the daily operation.


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