Food is a great connector. It connects families, communities and even nations. Most memorable conversations happen at the dinner table. But how does the food end up at the dinner table in the first place?

It’s the farmers who bring food to our tables. With a bursting population of 1.2 billion people in Africa, it makes more sense for African farmers to bring more food to our tables. And bring safer food too – food grown with less chemicals that harm our bodies and the environment

Modern Agriculture

And that’s the whole point of modern, profitable agriculture – growing more with less. Beating that old notion that more fertilizer or more pesticide use equals more food production. Nope, Science doesn’t agree with that anymore.

The smart, modern farmer has a different approach to feeding the planet – he’s producing more food using fewer resources. With the increase of soil testing labs in Kenya, this is much possible. Lab analysis of your soil, crop tissue or plant leaves can lead to interesting insights and information that guides smart farmers’ decision making.

Farming success starts with informed Agronomic decision

Farming success starts with informed Agronomy decision making

Making Informed Decisions

The secret’s already out and it’s simple: The smart, modern farmer is informed. They’re smart because they make informed decisions. They know where to put their money in farm investments so as to maximize production and profit. They don’t guess anymore in their farming

I’d want to introduce you to Saddiq from Sunbelt farm in TransNzoia County in Kenya. He’s one of the smart, modern farmers I know:

“My advice to fellow farmers is to adhere to modern ways of farming such as soil testing which is the first step to realizing better profits” – Saddiq Babu, Largescale Maize farmer, TransNzoia County

Fall Army Worm invasion? No problem. Drought season coming up? No problem. Saddiq is already armed with Agronomic information from his soil test that aids his farming decisions in spite of the threats he’s facing.

Agriculture has always been an innovative profession, and today’s technology such as soil testing, is powering an increased level of food security in Kenya and in the African continent as well.

Farmers want to thrive in their craft. They want to bring more and safer food to our dinner tables. They want success, like we all do. Here at CropNuts, we say farming success starts from the ground up. It always starts with knowing your soil.

Till next time,