By Jeremy Cordingley

This year we have new clients in Thailand, China, Madagascar and Ghana. As a Kenyan company, it’s a great feeling to know CropNuts’ unique set of services are turning heads on many continents. We are proud to work with an incredible team, and our daily focus on quality, whilst delivering a happy customer experience, is what drives us all.

Even Bigger News

Many people know us for soil testing. True, as a soil scientist this has certainly been my passion over the past 20 years – but we are ISO 17025 accredited for more tests than any other laboratory in Sub Saharan Africa, including soil, water, effluent waste water, fertilizers and plant pathology. Our wide scope allows us to work comfortably with clients across the agricultural, environmental, hospitality and manufacturing sectors. This variety of interaction is so valuable, as we learn and share knowledge across industries.

Setting New Heights

Technology is the future. We are working hard to deliver new innovations in mobile farming, new ways to deliver results and information and to improve our customer experiences, real time and on the go, connecting people and teams with our network of experts to solve problems fast. After 20 years, it feels like the journey has only just begun!


Other Memorable Moments

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We would like to thank you for your choice to work with Cropnuts. We highly appreciate your trust and hope to serve you even better in the coming years.

Happy Easter from us!


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About Jeremy


Jeremy Cordingley is the Managing Director at CropNuts. Has over 20 years experience in soil fertility and precision agriculture in Africa. Jeremy is committed to agricultural development in Kenya and across Africa, promoting better farming systems through disseminating knowledge and increasing crop yields and food production in Kenya and  across Africa.