Cropnuts Management

Cropnuts Management

Over the past 20 years we have been able to recruit a wide array of expertise in different fields as we grow our brand as Cropnuts. We have an inclusive and diverse team of management and staff well versed in different areas. The leadership team of Cropnuts consists of the following persons:-

Jeremy Cordingley

Founder / Managing Director

Ruth Vaughan

Technical Director

Mwihaki Ndung’u

Finance Manager

Reinder Van der Meer

Business Development Director

Samuel Mwangi

Quality Control Manager

Josephine Gakobo

Lab Manager

Martin Mburu

Head of Technology

Doris Kawira

Regional Sales Manager

We love to work here. So will you.

"I love working at Cropnuts because every day I get to collaborate with, empower and celebrate farmers. I am glad to be working for a company that impacts people like my parents who are also farmers. "

Ian Mutua - Agronomist

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