P is a key nutrient in any plant development. It plays various structural roles in plant from seedling stages all the way to maturity, It is well known for its role in forming ATP- energy unit used in photosynthesis. This makes Phosphorus vital in plant vigor.

Phosphorus helps plants in several ways

Importance of Phosphorus in Plants

  • Phosphorus stimulates root growth in young plants.
  • Improve flower set in plants as well as seed formation
  • Promotes uniform and early maturity of plants
  • Compliments the nitrogen fixation in legumes
  • Improves crops resistance to diseases
  • Plays part in photosynthesis in plant leaves

Deficiency symptoms

In Newly developing plants the stem and leaves tips turn reddish –purple in color. Some leaf tips look burnt while older leaves become almost black in severe cases.

Stunted growth and poor root development will be observed when a crop is uprooted for observation.In affected plants poor seed and fruit development will be expected.

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