Agronomy Training

Empowering Teams with Expert Knowledge

Beyond the physical inputs, successful farms require dynamic teams to make informed growing decisions every day.

We have developed high impact, practical agronomy training courses based on 20 years of farming experience.

These courses are designed for agronomists, farm managers, service providers and inputs supplier sales teams. We also customize courses to specific needs and time schedules.

We will offer you Training on:
– Soil Health
– Fertilizer Use
– Balanced Crop Nutrition
– Crop Disease Management
– Building Resilient Farming Systems

These courses are available in the following formats:
– Live at our training facilities located in Nigeria, Zambia and Kenya.
– Live, virtually via computer.
– On-site at the client’s farm.

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Our Courses

We offer tailored courses on various key aspects in Agronomy and Enviromental Services.

Soil Management Training offers technical and practical skills in soil management. Also, learners get to understand :

  • Basics of soil management
  • Soil pH, acidity and lime recommendations
  • Nutrient removal in crops
  • Nutrient deficiencies in crops
  • Fertilizers – how to decide on type and rate
  • Organic farming – pros and cons
  • Fertigation recipe formulation
  • And so much more

Horticulture Production course offers technical and practical skills in Horticulture crop management. Moreover, learners get to understand:

  • Plant Pathology
  • Nematology
  • Irrigation Management
  • Integrated Pest Management
  • And so much more

Agricultural Extension course offers technical and practical skills in offering Agriculture extension services. In addition, learners get to understand

  • Daktari wa Udongo extension program
  • Digital extension technologies
  • How to set up demonstration plots
  • And so much more

Environmental management course offers technical and practical skills involved in environmental management services. Learners get an understanding of managing

  • Irrigation water quality
  • Heavy metals in soils – where do they come from
  • Waste water analysis & treatment systems
  • And so much more

Food extension course offers technical and practical skills on Food management and safety. Learners get to understand:

  • Source of Food Contamination
  • Managing Pesticide Residues in fresh produce
  • Managing microbial loads in leafy vegetables
  • Understanding heavy metals in food
  • Aflatoxin – mycology and management
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