Land Suitability Surveys

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Our Land Suitability Surveys are a deep reading of the soil using an expert eye to explore their fitness and inform crop choices on the land you own or intend to purchase.

We provide you with detailed information about the soil’s physical properties such as drainage, rooting depth, and water holding capacity. This is crucial especially when you are considering purchasing land for farming or want to change the way in which you use your land.

Land suitability survey, land suitability analysis, land suitability classification is a type of soil evaluation or assessment used to determine the fitness of a given type of land for a defined use.

We have successfully conducted land suitability assessment & classification of tens of thousands of hectares of land and guided a wide variety of investments with these methods.

This service is available in Nigeria, Zambia, Malawi and Kenya and we scale out to other regions.

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The full list of information we will provide you with includes

  • Soil maps based on high resolution satellite imagery and the latest advances in digital soil mapping
  • A review of different farming systems and crop rotations that take into account the geography and soil properties
  • Yield estimates based on our extensive experience from hundreds of field trials
  • Advise on the optimal tillage systems and any investments in machinery
  • Crop soil suitability analysis using GIS
  • If you do go ahead with our recommendations, we can also provide you with the latest in precision agronomy services, including variety selection and variable rates for liming and fertilizer application

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