Commercial Horticulture Support Services

Most commercial horticulture crops are grown either in a greenhouse or in open fields with irrigation. These systems are a capital-intensive venture that requires astute attention to detail, especially when it comes to soil, water, crop selection and fertilizer inputs.

Cropnuts can offer you:

  • Soils and/or substrate tests
  • Screening for a wide variety of pathogens, including viruses and nematodes
  • Aquacheck: technology for real time, continuous monitoring of soil water content to improve water use and reduce nutrient leaching
  • Tailored fertigation programs
  • Regular, on-site technical support to help you tailor your crop nutrition, pesticide inputs and to help you take samples
  • Training sessions to build your on-farm staff capacity
  • On-call experts for whenever you have a problem or need a question answered

Helping Farmers Grow More with Less

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