FARMLAB Onsite is our “call-out” soil testing service. Its an ideal solution for organizations looking for a rapid, affordable soil testing service for their smallholder holder farmers, at their own central location, without needing to invest in any hardware or operators. FARMLAB Onsite is well suited to organizations working with < 5,000 small holder farmers, or where soil testing is needed within shorter term agricultural development projects.

This service includes

  • Training your extension team in soil sampling
  • Providing a custom built soil sampling app
  • Providing on-site soil testing (up to 200 samples per day)
  • Providing soil test reports with lime and fertilizer recommendations
  • Providing a client portal for visualization of soil data & farm input needs
  • Training your extension team on interpretation of soil results

Our minimum requirement for a FARMAB Onsite call-out is 1,000 samples.